Green Think, Estepona

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Green Think, Estepona

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Plaza de la Bandera, 2,
29680 Estepona, Málaga.

Website: Green Think

Visited a couple of weeks ago, initial contact via simple form on the website. Easy enough to find club (not least thanks to the sign outside), in what seemed a quiet area. Presenting email response & passport in the small reception led to a €10 membership fee and card & entry. Photos on google are representative of the space which was simple but functional with maybe half a dozen tables, tv/games corner etc.

Staff were friendly and the general vibe was pretty relaxed. Weed menu was reasonably varied with maybe a dozen indica/sativa offerings and a few calis, was stocking up for a few days inland hiding in the shade from the heatwave and was prepared to be happy with anything semi-decent but the Gorilla Glue & Jumbo Runtz from the indica side were both perfectly acceptable and I quite enjoyed the Amnesia Pro in the mornings which was a recommended sativa. I'm a bit vague about pricing which wasn't on the menu board because well, friends were faffing and I just wanted to smoke lol but unless I'm wrong all were €10/g. Did take a g of the €20 Ice Cream Cake cali too on the way out which was pretty nice but didn't blow me away.

Didn't feel like the most established setup ever maybe but all in all a positive experience given my very limited experience of Spanish clubs.
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