420 Club, Benalmádena

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420 Club, Benalmádena

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Nivel uno, Avenida Terramar Alto, Edificio Centro Sur Planta baja,
Locales 4-5-6-7, 29630 Benalmádena, Málaga

Website: 420 Social Club

Visited twice a few weeks ago, contact via email for detailed application form & registration appointment time. Easy enough to find if you look at some pics, door right in the corner next to some cafe's with an "over 21's" sign above the buzzer. Airlock inside where you provide your passport to complete the registration process (€20) and get issued with a fob to both sign in and out and also later put money on for your 'donations'.

Inside the club is a pretty large space away from the bar area with lots of corners with tables & sofas or comfy chairs in, 2 pool tables, a dart board, I think I saw I pinball table and some other games table thing etc, tons of room and honestly quite an impressive interior. Definitely a space one could spend plenty of time in to adequately consume purchases on site. The menu was all on tablet devices through which you could also see your previous purchases etc. Weed menu was maybe 15 or so strains varying from €10-€18/g with most around €14-16. I had a €10/g Gelato which I liked just as much as the €13/g Gelato #33 I just bought to compare, both were pretty ok though for the price. The Skittles at €16/g was worth the extra, I liked that. Tried one or two others too which escape my mind rn which were just ok.

Both times we visited were quite early in the day, only one person was working which did tend to mean things took a while, especially if people were arriving to signup while others were getting served. On the second time we were there the guy was quite stressed due to the computer going down but the first time when it was much quieter and everything worked right he was pretty cool. Things would definitely have been smoother with 2 staff though lol. Otherwise the general setup felt pretty well established. We had a good time here sheltering from the heat outside :mrgreen:
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