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Professor Horsecollar
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Smokey on Rembrandtplein

Post by Professor Horsecollar » Sat 8th Oct 2005 02:12 am

ACD Page: Smokey

OTAY! I've read all the rotten reviews about Smokey on the review site, so since I was the 1st reviewer, and I convinced Lemming (over his protests) to include it in the reviews, I plan to make a grand return visit in November and see what gives.

I mean shallow and questionable stuff, like one vomit face claiming that Smokey hates English, when the four previous happy faces are all from the UK...

True, I was only there to have a few beers, but I toked up on gear that I had brought in, in a bong that I had brought in - no one hassled me and I left happy as a clam.

Keep any eye out for the definitive expository and final statement on Coffeshop Smokey - and they better not piss me off.

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Post by stardust_999 » Sat 8th Oct 2005 05:12 pm

Hia Proff

Smokey was the first coffee shop i ever went to in Amsterdam, i just found it very comercial and the staff not to friendly. They were ok to me but a bit rude to my male friend who they asked for id. The pre-roll i got was also not great, I would just say that i found places that i personally liked better but smokey always has people in it.


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Post by sonicblue » Wed 12th Oct 2005 07:35 pm

I had a beer at Smokeys also. I didn't buy any smoke there so no comment on that.

I just didn't like the atmosphere of the place. I didn't like the cafeteria style seating and the place just seemed kind of worn out with poor lighting.

Of course if the place was for sale I would be interested in buying it as it has a great location and with a little imagination and investment it could be something great.
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Post by Biz » Sun 13th Nov 2005 08:05 pm

been to smokey's twice, and each time they were rude, i've not been back since, bad vibes aplenty in here imo.

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Post by ollsta1 » Thu 5th Jan 2006 01:42 pm

smokeys is not a tourist friendly coffeeshop i went there they were rude at the bar an charged me 32 euros for 2 brandy an cokes!!.Its seems like they make the prices up off the top of there head.My friend brought 3 roundsd of drinks exacly the same an was charged 3 different prices.The weed was crap too looked all dead.Not to mention the bouncer on the door looking at you like a piece of shite.Avoid bushdoctor only 2 mins way much better.

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Post by Stygian23 » Thu 5th Jan 2006 04:07 pm

One of the budtenders at Stix told us Smokey's doesn't let in locals, instead hoping to target tourists. Considering this, you think they would be a little bit friendlier to their clientele. Shrug. Money corrupts everything.
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Post by weedman » Thu 9th Feb 2006 03:54 pm

Smokey's is a tourist trap. PLUS because it is located
on Rembrantplein it is a VERY popular destination for
people who just don't know...

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Post by Bodhisattva » Wed 23rd May 2007 10:37 am

Bad weed, high prices and a doorman who wants tipping. If they need a doorman at all then i dont want to know

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jim and sonja
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Post by jim and sonja » Wed 23rd May 2007 05:51 pm

I smoke, therefore i am

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Post by Badfrog » Wed 23rd May 2007 09:39 pm

Thanks,Smokey's is now on my "Do not drop a euro here" list. :x

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Post by highdro » Thu 14th Jun 2007 01:32 pm

smokeys was my first coffeshop many years ago. i would never buy gear here with bushdoctor, stix and barneys close by. i do however normally stop at smokeys bar 2 doors up for a beer, bringing my own weed.

for this purpose smokeys is fine by me ( beer is expensive tho).

also what with the new laws and the smoking ban coming in choice is becoming limited, surely a place like this will flourish, alchohol available and lots of outdoor seating with not a bad veiw of rembrandtsplein i might add.

i would love to have a few drinks in , greenhouse, dampkring, rokerij, 420 etc, as i have been but i dont have those options anymore. for that at least i am thankfull of smokeys, i find the criticism of it a bit over the top tbh. if it was in our home towns most of us would be regulars. but of course it isnt :wink:

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Post by skars » Fri 29th Jun 2007 08:03 pm

What is there to like about this place?
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Smokey is GREAT!

Post by racoop1 » Wed 4th Jul 2007 04:14 am

Three times I've had the good fortune to spend time in Amsterdam. Twice I stayed near Rembrandplein; once I stayed near museum district. I have to say Smokey is my favorite coffeeshop! They have a good drink selection and an excellent smoke menu. I try other coffeeshops but visit Smokey multiple times. Love the White Widow and Northern Lights. Also the hash I got there was delicious and fresh. I feel "safe" there because of the bouncer - He has never been rude to any party I've taken in there. He's not the friendliest guy in the world, but it's not his JOB to be friendly. He's cordial and welcoming to me, whether I've been there alone, with my husband, my friends, or my travel groups. I've seen him stop jerks and weirdos at the front door, which I certainly appreciate. Once in 2002 I saw him refuse entry to some guy because he didn't like the looks of his passport. I wanted to applaud. It does have a tendency to get rowdy in the evening, but each time of day there has its own ambience. I'll go over and over. Just wish I was there RIGHT NOW.

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Post by skars » Wed 4th Jul 2007 10:48 am

You are fortunate to have had a positive experience there. I say cut your losses and don't tempt fate further ;)
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Post by weedman » Wed 7th Nov 2007 03:35 pm

skars wrote:You are fortunate to have had a positive experience there. I say cut your losses and don't tempt fate further ;)
I agree... Smokey is a tourist trap for many reasons. I think because of its location next to the popular night clubs in Amsterdam. The plaza is nice to hangout and eat, but when it comes to good bud... SMOKEY is not the place.

Perhaps the woman who had a good experience simply had a higher
tolerance level for crap than the average person.

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