Learning Dutch is a must!

Dutch language.
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Kingdoc wrote:
TRANCE wrote:Don't think I could ever master or learn to speak Dutch, what with all that phlegm throat noise with certain words in Dutch.

Nothing wrong with you reading & writing it thou.
Further south the 'g' isn't so guttural.. and it's a hard habit to break!

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Post by damtoker »

I've been learning dutch for 10 years, and I still can't speak it that well :lol:

No need to speak dutch in Amsterdam in my experience, but that's not the case in other areas of the Netherlands.

Also, written dutch is almost another language in itself :?
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mijn naam is DanFromUk

tot ziens... dag

lmao this is hard
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Trichome_Dense wrote:I speak 4 languages. 3 fluent. I have lived in the UK all my life, bar an 8month spell when I was 10 when I went to India with my family.

I feel the British people in general have let ourselves, the nation down by thinking we can trudge through life conquering all with the English language - so what if it's the most spoken language in the western world? It doesn't make it the best by any standard... Making a conscious effort to learn another language, especially if we are now native to another land, should be instinctive to our being - not alien... We're human, we connect through communication - and some things make more sense in another language sometimes, or do not translate well into English. All languages have their charms, it's the essences of these languages which allow us to express our thoughts/ideas and become endeared enough with eachother to promote tolerance and understanding...

I was never fascinated in languages or anything like that. I just find that as I get older, I want to learn more languages. Us Brits have a terrible reputation overseas as being arrogant and rude. That is the status quo everywhere I've been in the world. And in my opinion, they aint wrong. Hardly ever do we bother to learn the social customs and practices of the places we visit when on holiday, let alone some basic understandiong of the language! instead preferring to mose through the streets with an almost bemused look on our faces - like we really dont know what's next? It's kinda insulting to the locals...

I'm British and proud - but not arrogantly so... If I was to spend a significant amount of my life in another Land where the national language was not English, I'd have to learn the native tongue...

So I'm all for learning another language - All the way! :D
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Re: Learning Dutch is a must!

Post by draught »

Considering the collective mean IQ of ACD'ers must hang around the 60 mark, I don't think any of you could ever learn Dutch. Look at Marco the cock? he's been there how long? and he can barely say hello and goodbye in Dutch. He's the top man here right? the fucking know it all? He's going in the canal with gapie and rvansteensel
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Re: Learning Dutch is a must!

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Cock off, knobber. To coin a phrase.
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Re: Learning Dutch is a must!

Post by Kingdoc »

If your dedicated it will stiuck with you! only thing is you need to keep use it! ie 2/3 trips per year.
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Re: Learning Dutch is a must!

Post by dhoni182 »

I would love to speak Dutch, always wanted to speak another language. This might be a good time to start.
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Re: Learning Dutch is a must!

Post by Adamster »

people who speak more than 1 language live longer go farther in life!!

mensen die meer dan 1 taal spreken langer leven verder in het leven gaan!!

Les gens qui parlent plus qu une langue vive plus lontemp et vont plus loin din vie !!

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Re: Learning Dutch is a must!

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learn a little every time you go,and your understand a lot if people talk to you in dutch,please, thank you spoke in dutch get you a little better service,i go all over holland on my holiday,and find if you make a little effort it well rewarded and even more so out of amsterdam,just give it a try
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