The directory of all Dutch cannabis coffeeshops 1998 to 2024
About the ACD

Over 18 Dutch coffee shops are licenced to sell small quantities of cannabis to adults over 18. If you don't want to read about soft drugs then please click your browser's back button.

* The word "coffee" in the title of the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory should not be taken as condoning the use of addictive drugs. Drinks containing caffeine should be used with care and moderation. Alternatively, stay on the grass!

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Site created by Lemming:

In the Netherlands the term coffeeshop has come to mean a place where hashish and marijuana are available. The ACD is your comprehensive guide to cannabis cafes and soft drugs in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. It lists shops selling weed, seeds, psychedelics, growing kit and everything hemp and will help you find out where the best buds are and some cool places to smoke them. Above all, the ACD is about unashamed cannabis tourism. It's for planning a coffee shop crawl around Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory was first established on the 3rd July 1998 on the Pipex network. It then moved to FreeUK in September 2000. For many years it's also had an alias of As of October 2016, this is the home of the site.

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