Strains Database

The ACD Strains Database contains thousands of varieties of weed and hash available in Dutch coffeeshops. On each strain page is a list of shops that have that strain on their menus or have in the past. Similarly, on most shop's menu tab is a recent menu expressed as a list of strain links.

In other words, the database cross-references strains against shops.

These indexes provide access to the database:

All Strains listed alphabetically
- Subsets -
Popular Strains that appear on many shop's menus
Cali Strains listed on some menus as imported from USA
Moroccan Hash varieties
- Other -
Words that appear in many strain names
Price Chart countdown of cheapest to most expensive shops

For the purposes of this database

Weed  (wiet) means cannabis flowers (buds, marijuana) in unprocessed form.
Hash  (hasj) means any kind of extract or concentrate including hashish, wax, shatter, rosin and so on.

Most coffeeshops categorise their products into these two groups.