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Coffeeshop 058

coffeeshop Leeuwarden
Coffeeshop 058
coffee shop Coffeeshop 058, Leeuwarden, Friesland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Coffeeshop 058 Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Anon.. Sent 9 Jul 2018.
This is by far the best coffeeshop in the northern of Holland. The concept is like you're in Amsterdam. They have over 30 kinds of weed and for sure more than 10 kinds of hash. They also have big assortment of pre-rolled joints. Me and my friends also took some truffles and edibles and the truffles are fresh and this truffles are the best I ever had. I bought Strawberry Lemon Haze and it was the best weed I had in years. The smell and the taste of this weed was crazy! I also bought Dynmite hash and I can promise you that this is the best hash in this city! They also have 5 gram bags of Powerplant for 32,50 and 5 gram Amnesia Haze for 42,50. Here is a list of the weed I can remember they had: Strawberry Lemon Haze, Mexican Haze, Original Afghan, Vanilla Kush, Canalope Haze, Moby Hash, Pineapple Haze, Bubble Haze, Gorilla Glue, Strawberry Banana, Silver Haze, Cheese Haze.
Positive Review Jesscass. Sent 4 Oct 2017.
Small and a bit poky shop with about 20 seats. Entrance area with a counter to the left. You get buzzed into the smoking area with a small bar. Seemed to be a busy shop with lots of people popping in for a take-away. Impression of a men's club of boys in their early twenties rapping along the lines of this Dutch rap constantly banging out the boxes that day. Quite uninspiring and basic place considering this shop is only opened since about one year I was told (last year I found it closed here and back then it was listed everywhere as Africa so I assume ownership changed). There is a playstation in a bit of a separated small area in the back with a couch. Also not the cleanest establishment but they're not hassling for drinks so saved a fortune for buying more drugs. On the other hand even though all local there were friendly I could imagine the atmosphere and clientele being a bit too much for some visitors so you better go elsewhere and just pick up if you're not down with those type of places. Leeuwarden's small red light district being just next to it >doesn't probably help either<. Huge menu - more than 20+ weed- and 10+ hashwise - with partial funny names, remember AMG (12€), Choco Haze (12,5€), G13 (12,5), Pineapple Haze (11€), New York City Diesel. They also had the Dutch way of Moonrocks on the menu (read: trying to fake Kurupt's original with their unregulated Dutch weed/resin from the black market compared to regulated gear in the USA) for about 50€. Some strains were even named after certain strains from a particular copy cat (seedbank!) which had a massive promotion at coffeeshops and headshops all across the country in the last years; they don't produce seeds themselves though but only buy in wholesale from Spain where a lot of Dutch seedbanks sort of relocated some years back when Dutch officials started to track down grow operations and stuff a lot more. I know from personal experience because we grew some seeds from them too every now and then; though such an approach I can't appreciate as this is just not breeding but it seems a lot of seedbanks are like that today so assume that their supplier for this coffeeshop used their seeds respectively took cuttings from them. Shame as it shows not much care about quality even though you can select great phenotypes from wherever. They do small deals on buying 5g. Sell pre-packed bags but I think they weigh weed up for you but not sure on that one. They also had an extensive menu for truffels, also on display, but was told they're not doing them anymore. So why still displaying them on the monitor screen along with the rest of the menu to be had? Anyways, young Dutch budtender being a bit impatient advised me on the Cream Maroc (Moroccan, 10€/g) in the end but I went for the blondish Baldi (12€/g). Nothing to complain about that one, nice resin.
Negative Review Enrico from Germany. Sent 18 May 2009.
The first shop who are visited in Leuuwarden and the atmosphere, stuff and prices was not ok, walk in walk out, to the Utopia.
Positive Review Speku from Germany. Sent 29 Jul 2006.
A little shop, good weed to buy, hard age-controls at the doors. When u got in it's a little disappointing. Nothing about Africa, just as many other bars. You can borrow a vaporizer, but it's very old and not fully functionally. The drinks are ok, cola - tee - koffie and all the other stuff for the normal prices (cola / ice tea 1,5€ - koffiee 1€ ).The music is ok, too but u won't get the "here I feel home" - feeling in this one. But really ok for a short visit.