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coffeeshop Coevorden
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Positive Review Jesscass visited November 2018; sent 9 Dec 2018
Medium sized shop with around 35 seats including wooden ones as well as a few couches, also a community table. Billiard and a kicker table for entertainment. Bit dark perhaps and has seen better days but nice enough for a short stay. Around ten strains of weed as Diamond Haze, Amnesia, Bubble Gum, NLX, Kush and so on. Seven variants of hashish including one cheap Lebanese, Manali, Caramello, Hia and one cheap Afghan. Wares are pre-packed if memory serves me right. Got me the Hia and it was nice enough classic resin from Morocco. Don't remember the grass, probably for good reason. Could be worse with this being the only shop in town me thinks.