coffeeshop in Emmen
Reviews of Ankara Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 3
Negative Review Anon. sent 27 Sep 2021
Absolutely trash. Weed has more leafs in it than a mf oak tree. Hasj is a serious no go, same goes for anything else than Royal Cookies & Amnesia Haze. These wankers clearly don’t know what they’re selling to you. Asking questions about the weed/hasj such as for example what kind of cannabinoids it contains is not tolerated (because they don’t know). Cleary this is a very very low quality shop, at all aspects.
Negative Review Jesscass visited November 2018; sent 9 Dec 2018
Above a burger restaurant. You have to climb a couple of stairs here and this area is horribly unattended and dirty to say the very least. If you're brave enough you're at one point eventually entering this shop which is better looking but definitely is outdated. Bummer, as quite big with about fifty seats and a billiard table. At a bar area you buy your gear; their offerings are four types of grass and two of hashish. Latter one being one supposedly from Lebanon (9€/g) and one from Morocco (11€/g). Unfortunately we were out of gear and too lazy going back to what seemed to be a better option for sitting down which was coffeeshop Cheers in town so had a break at this proper shithole here which could be any random dive at any random red light district. Staff was OK enough even though clueless about their offered gear and although their classic Moroccan was a nice reddish as well as tasty one I strongly doubt I would return here.
Positive Review Uncle Klaus from Netherlands sent 20 Feb 2011
A very good one. The two girls working behind the counter there are really nice. They have a good menu of weed and hash. Try the White Widow for 6€ per gram, it will please you. You can get bags for 6-8 €, 12-14€ and big ones about 30-35 €. Also the drinks aren't too expensive. You can sit relaxed in seats and enjoy the nice atmosphere.
Positive Review Nico from UK sent 18 May 2007
Ankara is an absolutely fantastic coffeeshop for such a small town as Emmen. Having driven with a friend from Hamburg that morning, we thoroughly enjoyed the warmth and reception of Ankara. The beautiful Dutch girl behind the counter was lovely and very easy to talk to. The ganja there, wow, we tried the Ankara Special and one of their spacecakes among other things which were excellent. Couldn't find our car despite looking for it for 6 hours!
Negative Review HC Katser from Netherlands sent 17 May 2007
Not my kind of shop, much play-fun, but bad taste of weed (only heavy weedz and small bags).
Positive Review M from Netherlands sent 8 Jul 2005
It has a small but decent selection of weed and hash. White Widow, Snow White, Afghani and their own stuff called "Ankara Mix" At 6euros a gram its good value for your money and gets me high as a kite.
Positive Review C from Netherlands sent 18 Aug 2004
This coffeeshop is good so far I know. They have good hash, and you can buy waterpipes and other accessories. There are couches you can sit on with a nice view on the mainstreet in Emmen. Too bad this coffeeshop's reputation was damaged by some nasty incidents. But if you're in Emmen, visit Ankara. Or one of the others, because they all look attractive, and have nice stuff.