headshop in Arnhem
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Neutral Review Sancho from Germany sent 18 Feb 2008
[Fools Paradise coffeeshop] It's sad that this shop was closed. Damn good weed like Hellraiser and Victory. Super good waterhash called Bubbels (you know why). Talked many times to the salesman about music and everything else. It's a shame to close the good ones.
Negative Review Erik from Netherlands sent 25 Aug 2006
[Fools Paradise coffeeshop] This shop is closed.
Positive Review Nederpiet from Netherlands sent 27 Sep 2004
[Fools Paradise coffeeshop] Fools was founded in '74 by Harm Dost and is the oldest softshop in town. It has a good choice of domestic and foreign weed, and Moroccan and black hash. Situated on the first floor over a headshop/boutique, and you can read the daily newspaper, play darts, cards or boardgames, have a free coffee or tea, or buy a cooled softdrink from their fridge or just enjoy your smoke.