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coffeeshop Zaandam
Reviews of Headlines Number of Positive Reviews 2 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
So there are two coffeeshops in this little town of Zaandam at the minute and this setup is sorta new to me as well since I know many. However, this one is located right on the - I assume - main shopping street of Zaandam - though to be precise in the backyard where there is a dead end street. Another taste of hypocrite Dutch tolerance policy on drugs true to the obvious motto of Dutch trader's mentality: 'If there is profit to be made, why not - just don't let everybody know', lol. There is what seemed to be a dodgy night club at this backyard area as well you pass when going to that coffeeshop which is indeed at the end of the dead end street. End of the line, anyone? Since The Squat in town is only a buy&fly place this one here was mobbed in the early afternoon already. One enters and there is a small bar tending bud and beverages while on the right there is smoking room behind glass providing about 25 cushioned seats. Menu came up with about five options for hashish from 6€ for dreadful Afgaan to 12,5€ for Og Kush Moroc. For wiet there were sold about nine varieties and BioKush (10€/g), G13 Haze (14€/g) and Ghost (14€/g) is all I can remember and want to add they were looking nice enough for such a shop. Got some blonde Moroc for about 10€/g he weighted up which was surprisingly decent for the money considering place and town. We found that coffeeshop not special at all but ok for a short sit down to light up, too loud music, poky and not too clean either. Staff were polite enough.
Positive Review Dr. Doom from USA sent 12 Oct 2005
I was in Headlines Monday night, October 10, 2005. Nice product! The address shown here is correct.
Negative Review Merlin Rocky from USA sent 23 Sep 2005
Could not be found. We walked both sides of the street and the numbering stopped at 89 and then went back to 81. Strange.