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coffeeshop Alkmaar
Reviews of High-Time Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Negative Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
For some reasons I know every Dutch city has its shitholes regarding coffeeshops (and probably others) and this here is obviously Alkmaar's. Though could be judged by personal experiences in this country way worse. Conveniently and so typically Dutch tucked away in a side street between train and bus station and so handy for a cheeky purchase. As far as I remember their gear is pre-packed and it starts at 15€ per baggy and what ever amount of their stuff. They had gear up to 14€/g for weed, about seven options, and up to 13 for hashish ('Space Polm'), about five options. Only looked at their resin but didn't impress me much. Otherwise shop itself is of the darker kind, after entering there is a bud bar to the left and a couple of tables and chairs in the back which fits about 25 people I'd say.
Negative Review Sixth Sense from Netherlands sent 28 May 2015
I knocked on the door as always, I am a regular customer. The boy working there almost never works there but hangs around every day (little black boy with short curly hair). Not Shahin (or something) or the sons of the owner. He said I shouldn't knock so I asked him why because we always have to, there is no bell! He told me to get out and never come back. But maybe it's better like this. I only went there because it's near the station. Sometimes the weed is OK. Sometimes! It's a dark uncomfortable hole and sometimes they don't have change.
Positive Review Adam sent 4 Jan 2012
I frequent the High Time in Alkmaar because of its ideal location. It is right outside the train station, meaning I can take the train there, buy what I want and take the train back home. It is not a shop where I'd like to stay and smoke. I use the take-out window right inside the door. If there are people queuing they often have to queue outside, there's not a lot of room. You can only be let into the rest of the coffeeshop once the crew lets you in. This is one of the last shops where you can buy 2g of Jack Herrer or White Widow for 12,50. Although the quality isn't the best around. They also have various types of hash and pre-rolled joints. The crew comes across as somewhat disinterested, often watching TV, their phones or conversing with someone inside whilst they're selling you your goods. In short: Good shop if you're just popping in for a purchase, nothing more.
Positive Review Malin from Norway sent 1 Jul 2011
Located right next to the train station. The weed and hash was fine and the people working there OK. It had a bit "shappy" style inside so made kinda a bad impression. But was nice sitting there.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 8 Jul 2008
The Silver Haze at 6.50/G was very good and recommended to all fans of this strain. We also sampled a nice Jack H. for a little less. No complaints about the quality or pricing. The "grams" though, seemed a little short when compared to other shops and were not weighed out for you to see. There's a buzz-in door and the previous contributors described the inside pretty well. The couch area towards the back was comfy. In the mornings the shop was pretty calm and seemed to be patronized by the Babe on Duty's friends. We never felt unwelcome or rushed. In the evenings the guys pack the place, but again we didn't feel unwelcome. The youth of Alkmaar seem to congregate in the vicinity, but they weren't out and about in the mornings and we never had or witnessed any problems. There seemed to be a fairly consistent Politte presence in the station area. Alkmaar has a nice CS scene and, if you're fresh off the train, it's a good start for an Alkmaar crawl. Very much a reggae shop, which I like to an extent, but a little variety would be nice. We visited this shop 3 or 4 times over a three day visit to Alkmaar in June 08.
Positive Review Katie from USA sent 13 Jun 2006
Right across from the train station and the weed is great! The ambiance kind of sucks. There was a large group of sketchy dudes hanging out and the guy behind the bar wasn't very amicable. This is the kind of place to go in, get your goods, and leave.
Positive Review Dj_necratog from Netherlands sent 22 Nov 2004
Location is why this shop is so good (across the ns station), the weed varies from poor to acceptable, rarely get good/ great weed here. (Can park in front of door but never do this because of people hanging around the shop which I don't like / trust).
Positive Review Martijn from Netherlands sent 10 Oct 2003
Very close to the train station.
I've been to High Time a couple of times now, normally to get some stuff and to take it home. It is quite small and is placed in the living room in one of the houses that lie at the Spoorstraat. The inside painting is in African/Jamaican style with a pool table, some computer games, a nice recliner, a table with chairs and a bar at the end where you can get quality smokes for a reasonable price. They of course sell known grasses like Silver Haze, Jack Herer, PP, White Widow and Shiva. All the grasses are 11.50 euros for 2.2 grams. The White Widow will set you back 11.50 euros for 2 grams, instead you should try Sticky Fingers it is almost the same and you get 0.2 grams more, this is not much but everything counts.
Their hashes are more of the relaxing type and are differently priced. The girls behind the bar are quite kind but not eager to explain things about their grasses, but they do know what replacements they can give you when some type of stuff is sold out. But don't think it is a shop like the xtravaganza ones you see in Amsterdam. It is just a straight forward coffeeshop where you can get good stuff for a fair price...