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coffeeshop Amersfoort
coffee shop Horizon, Amersfoort, Utrecht for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, reviews, menu, map, picture
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Reviews of Horizon Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass. Visited June 2018. Sent 10 Jun 2018.
Small coffeeshop providing about twenty seats with a glass cage for smoking in the entrance area and a bar in the back where you purchase everything. Lots of daylight. Big menu though. Wiet: White Widow (10€/g), Double Fun (11€/g), Nlx (11€/g), Bubble Gum (12€), White Bubbles (12€/g), White Rhino (12€/g), Silver Haze (12€/g), Foxy Lady (12€/g), Orange Jack (12€/g), ? Haze (14€/g), Mexican Haze (14€/g), S5 (14€/g), Blueberry Sister Diesel (14€/g), Alien Fire OG (14€/g), OG Kush (15€) and Dr.Grinspoon (17€/g). Hashish: Super Pollen (5€), Afghan (6€/g), Mana (14€/g), King Hasan (15€/g), Indian (15€/g), Chocolope (14€/g), Blonde Lebanese (10€/g), Horizon Special (12€/g), Amnesia (15€/g), Blonde Polm (15€/g) and 24K (16€/g). Was shown Blonde Polm and 24k on recommendation of the friendly budtender. 24K was one of those black Moroccan resins with foreign genetics impressively oozing of oil when he showed the slab to me from the fridge. Though budtender steered me to the Blonde one he was rating a touch more. So that was it then, proper Moroccan high grade with a clear and even refreshing earthy taste to die for. By the way he too pointed out the 24k is not coming from Morocco which was funny. Think I got something from the wiet as well but forgot about it; for good reason obviously otherwise I would have simply remembered it that is for certain- their wiet looked ok enough for the record by the way. If you just spend ten minutes in this place you should realise why it is special and easily beats other establishments with a similar set-up. I did and shop itself is worth a visit alone and Amersfoort as well with its historical city centre. Enjoy as I think it's never too late to open up your horizon.
Positive Review Miss B. Green from Netherlands. Sent 8 Oct 2014.
I have lived in Amersfoort for 6 years and my favorite shop is by far the Horizon. It is the only place where they maintain a constant quality, I find that to be one of the most important factors when it comes to spending my money on a daily basis on drugs. Also they have and a nice variety of different sorts and not just another PP with a different name (Zoo, Trench, Klavertje, they all do this). The personnel are always very friendly and their coffee is tasty and often they just offer you one on the house if they know you. In no other shop they do this and I really appreciate that kind of extra service. The smoking corner is much bigger than it used to be, you meet all kinds of people and it is a women friendly place. That, again, I never found elsewhere in any other coffeeshop in town. I like to meet there with my girlfriends. The music is good and supports the relaxed atmosphere. They show videos or pictures with interesting information on weed in general. If you visit Amersfoort, do visit the Horizon, just bring your ID and a smile. Enjoy!
Positive Review Judo from UK. Sent 6 Apr 2011.
Tried the Bubblegum here for €10 a g and the Shiva for €12 a g. Bubblegum was a bit overpriced but the Shiva was magic. Recommended.
Positive Review Shane from Netherlands. Sent 16 Dec 2009.
I live just outside Amersfoort and this is my coffeeshop of choice. What we call a local spot. You find high-quality bud there on a menu consisting of Santa, Cheese, Amnesia, Silver Haze, Jack, WW, Mahkuza, Northern Lights, Power Plant, Super Shiva, Bubble Gum, K2, AK47, Crystal, and a nice hash menu. You can find me here daily and there's a reason why: best value for your money and always good bud. Tucked away behind the KFC before the center square, great local stop hidden away. Owned by a woman from Florida, it is very friendly to you English-speaking people.
Positive Review Dim from Greece. Sent 21 Aug 2009.
Nice small shop with very good quality,worth a visit for sure!
Positive Review Dutchflowers from UK. Sent 8 Apr 2009.
On Wednesday 1 April 2009 around 4:30 PM, I visited this coffeeshop, which I really liked. Staff was very helpful and friendly. Very cheerful woman behind the counter spoke excellent English and helped me with the menu. This coffeeshop has an enclosed area inside for about 4 seats along the front window of this shop for those who use tobacco in their spliffs. I don't use tobacco so I could smoke in the main part of the coffeeshop which is on the small side, but great music and really good atmosphere. Prices were reasonable and the selection quite good. My weed was weighed out in front of me. I asked for 1gm White Widow. During the time I was there, there was a very steady stream of customers. Only a handful of us were in the coffeeshop smoking, but I lost count of the customers coming in to buy and then leaving. Seems to be a popular place to buy. I noticed a water bong available for use.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA. Sent 7 Jul 2006.
Agree with the Edingurgensians again about this shop. Cozy, friendly. Got a 5 E. bag of White Widow and a 2.50 pre-roll, happy with both. Place had a nice vibe to it. Come Dancing by the Kinks playing as we entered. Young folks wearing New York Yankee hats playing backgammon on big table. Now if you want to find this place, look for an alley leading off of either Arnhemstraat or Utrechtsweg. Its located near the back end of the HEMA store. Not a very picturesque locale, but a nice shop.
Positive Review The Edinburgensians from Scotland. Sent 17 Mar 2004.
Next door to a sex shop, in its slightly industrial setting in the 'vee' formed by Utrechtsestraat and Arnhemsestraat, and behind both, is this very dark but busy little shop with a splendidly lively lady owner, and friendly local clientele. The toilet was clean and exemplary and the toilet seat is amusing (if confusing when wasted - we won't spoil the surprise!). Kim and Aggie would give it their seal of approval! Internet terminal and Photoplay are the only things there's room for here, with a large wooden table dominating over the small bar at the back. Music is dance/trance/hip-hop, but not overly loud. Good hash selection here, with red Leb available as a special when we visited. Good place to spend a little time while investigating the south-west of the 'outer ring,' or before or after visiting the nearby Sint Jorisplein shopping centre.