Lucky Luke

coffeeshop in Nijmegen
Reviews of Lucky Luke Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Neutral Review Jesscass sent 26 Mar 2018
Also an oldschool one under Moroccan management. Too about twenty seats here. Old Moroccan guy in his sixties pretends he doesn't speak English but otherwise is polite enough. His Moroccan Kristal for 10€/g is a bit overpriced considering qualities available in town so I don't go here often and it doesn't change much it seems. Lots of fantasy names on the wiet menu so never indulged and what I saw yet wasn't too tempting.
Negative Review Tom from Germany sent 20 Nov 2012
I was last week at this store. The shop owner is very unfriendly and speaks hardly a word. The shop is small, uncomfortable and not well maintained. I don't like the store.
Positive Review SG from Netherlands sent 17 Apr 2012
This has been my personal favourite for some time. The personnel is friendly to me (and they at least remember me when I come back; many other shops never recognize me though I go there every week) This is one of the few shops that actually have the scale a bit out of sight. But, I am always allowed to walk to the back and check my product before buying. Even putting it in the scale myself. The weed here is always nice and dry. Quality is not spectacular, but definitely good and for a very reasonable price. Nice, consistent quality.
Neutral Review Dim from Greece sent 10 Jul 2009
Medium quality, unfriendly owner. Go to Kronkel or 't Kunstje few metres away.
Positive Review Pedro from USA sent 3 Sep 2005
This shop is a little surprise. Very nice weed (always got a bit extra for the trouble) and the hash, oh my god, get the Twisla. Pricing is also very nice, got myself two 3gram bags for just 20 euros. And the atmosphere is very nice and friendly, also is the help in fact, after I'm done with this mail, I'm going back there.
Positive Review Dil from Scotland visited Nov 04; sent 19 Nov 2004
Another quiet shop, standard can't say much other than that. I did get a very good chunk of super polm, strong and excellent flavour for a very reasonable price, just what I was looking for.