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Negative Review Kenny from Scotland. Sent 9 May 2018.
I went to Miami in Terneuzen today. The guy behind the counter wouldn't sell me anything as he says it's only for Dutch people. Please don't go there it's a pure shite hole and the employees are very rude.
Positive Review Bazzy from UK. Sent 29 Jul 2011.
Popped into the Miami last night: Haze and White Widow for weeds or Tiblisa (a soft Polm-style) for hash. All at €10 a gram. I bought hash: the Tiblisa isn't great and certainly well overpriced compared to other shops. It's a nice-looking shop and I've always quite liked the place (it's at the seaside!) but anyone used to Amsterdam or other big cities probably wouldn't. Maximum purchase of 2 grams per person now to discourage the famous drugs tourists from Belgium and France, plus a little machine to scan your fingerprint or something.
Negative Review David from UK. Sent 14 Jun 2010.
Dreadful. The only place in Holland where I have tasted hash that is like sopa (soap bar) - and they charged €10 per gram. Thought this would be a real time saver as it is the nearest coffee shop to the channel ports, but it is seriously worth going on to either Goes (under the tunnel) or Breda, the coffee shops in these towns have more variety, better quality of smoke and lower prices. They had the choice of 1 type of weed and 1 type of hash. Also struck me as a very unfriendly bunch running the place.
Negative Review Skabouter from Belgium. Sent 11 Sep 2008.
One of the 2 tourist-coffeeshops in Terneuzen. This was the first shop I ever went to, so then it all was great. But now I realise that the weed was quite ok, but they charged way too much for it. Also, smoking a joint there is everything but relaxing. The staff are unfriendly, always people coming in or going out, horrible music.
Negative Review Cloud Striffe from France. Sent 12 Jul 2008.
I've been there a few times and it didn't get any better (altho it can be ok for noobs who plan to go there only once in their lifetime). Weed that smells like vegi soup, hash as bad as the kind from the street (probably because it's actually coming from the streets), plus prices are far too high for the crap they serve. Decoration is awful. It looks like they designed the place to make people run away as soon as they're served and that works very well. There's the town of Breda not far from Terneuzen so go there instead. It's much better there (more coffeeshops with better quality at lower price).
Positive Review Craftybrewer from UK. Sent 19 Feb 2008.
An unashamedly tourist shop catering mainly for Belgian and French customers I guess. If you don't like tourist coffeeshops you'll hate it, but it does serve a purpose and I found efficient rather than friendly service. Decent weed, Bubblegum, at sensible price. Cracking good coffee. I'm an older type so I won't make any comment re the music! As for Terneuzen, perhaps not much for the younger element to stay long, but it suited me. Great little bar on Nieuwstraat 42, De Schelde.
Positive Review Karel from Belgium. Sent 14 Nov 2007.
A good coffeeshop but it has lost some of its fame because you don't know anymore if the weed is going to be good quality. Bought Amnesia for €8 there and it really didn't taste good (but it got you stoned), next week a mate of mine bought Amnesia there and it had a much better taste then mine. Same for White Widow, Jack Herrer, etc., sometimes it's really good and at other times it's not that good. The people serving you aren't really friendly but I got used to that :) I do like the music there and the fact that you can sit there for a moment and smoke a joint (which you can't in the Checkpoint).
Positive Review Grizz from Belgium. Sent 7 Jul 2007.
Please don't go there if u want to get stoned. they call it White Widow? I call it selfmade outside skunk :) It's at 100 meter from Checkpoint, and if there is a waiting line of +200 people in Checkpoint, then I sometimes go to Miami, cause they are cheap and u don't have to wait long, but their quality of 'stoned' weed is very low, so if u smoke weed every day and want to get good weed, u better wait a while and get good weed in Checkpoint or a shop outside Terneuzen :)
Positive Review Badger from England. Sent 3 Sep 2006.
Called in for the first time one Sunday morning and it was OK. Was the only weedtender's customer at the time. Seemed a bit sparse and no atmosphere. Gangster rap doesn't do it for me but was only in there 5 minutes, so no big deal as it was around 10.30 Sunday morning. Got some Polm and it smoked ok. Not as strong as super polm from A'dam, but did the trick. Called in a week later on Friday afternoon and was 20 people back from the counter in one of the 2 queues! Service was fairly quick - only 5-10 minutes waiting, but not the kind of place to chill over a smoke and a coffee. In/Buy/Out was evidently the common preference. Got 2 different varieties of red hash (don't like the black stuff) and these were pretty good too. Served by a slim dark-haired helpful female with a bad case of the shakes. Overall: Product 7/10; Venue 4/10; Staff 6/10. Will buy there again.
Positive Review Simo from Belgium. Sent 5 Jun 2006.
Today I went to buy some flowers, normally I would to go to the Checkpoint but there was lots of people. I was number 700 and the counter display says 549. And then I saw the Miami, I took the stairs downstairs and went up again the stairs of Miami, and there I saw heaven! This place is like heaven, good services and very cheap! Go ahead Miami.
Positive Review Tony from France. Sent 12 May 2006.
It was an ok place, but to be honest I'd rather buy my bud and go somewhere else, the music wasn't great and the chairs weren't too comfy. Didn't have to wait long to be served even when it was a little busy, and the bud seemed pretty decent too. I bought some Skywalker which was very very good, perfect indica high. Solid 6 out of 10 for this coffee shop.
Positive Review Lancelot from Belgium. Sent 6 May 2006.
In front of coffeeshop Checpoint you'll find the Miami. Downstairs is not very appealing bar, but the rather small coffeeshop upstairs is okay. Their prices are average: the White Widow (6€/gram) is always good there. Lots of Belgians buy their goods here, as Terneuzen is close to the Belgian border. Also many French find their way to Miami as Miami and the Checkpoint out front are the nearest coffeeshops to northern France. Always busy but never crowded.
Positive Review aLiTa from Belgium. Sent 29 Nov 2005.
Have been client there for over 4 years now. The shopkeep is indeed not one of the brightest minds in west-europe, but he gets the job done (just be sure to check if your change is correct). Shop has been revamped a couple of years ago, not really my style of interior (too empty in furniture, too bright in colors) but it sure is fun to check them out. They also have lots of variation on their menu and the waiting lines are relatively short (compared to another nearby coffeeshop).
Negative Review Dr. Octagon from Belgium. Sent 8 Nov 2005.
The weed they sell here is crap. Pure crap. Sometimes they have a Haze which is no haze at all. They have Purple Haze right now which is poor outside grown purple bud. Their Haze 5 NL doesn't come close to the original. All their "white" strains are plain shit. It's like all the weed is fake, they make the names up. The hash is better, but only the expensive ones. With only 2 shops in Terneuzen, this is very bad and sad! Oh and yes they are very unfriendly!
Positive Review Legumanigo from France. Sent 16 Oct 2005.
The shop is very well located just in front of the sea, the weed is good in here but there's one thing I can't support - the music is horrible! This is a sort of Techno Trance Tunning Hardcore music with R'n'B sometimes. I don't like R'n'B but it's better for my ears than Strange Trance. Space cakes are good.
Positive Review Chris from Germany. Sent 12 Sep 2004.
Looking at the comments before, the shopkeeper is really a strange guy but he sells the good stuff and therefore he and his shop is ok. I will visit him next year again.
Negative Review Joe from Sweden. Sent 3 Nov 2003.
I went to Coffeeshop Miami and must say that I have been irritated by the guy behind the counter. That guy is a complete arrogant asshole. During the whole process of buying my supplies, the guy did not say one word...
Negative Review Smokey from Belgium. Sent 30 Oct 2003.
Up till now I always went to the Miami coffeeshop in Terneuzen, almost every week, but those days are finished. Every time I visited the place, this idiot shopkeeper was there pretending like he is god himself. Like people previously mentioned, this guy is an absolute dickhead and should be kicked out of there since all the shop's clients are starting to go elsewhere.
Positive Review Wimmy from Belgium. Sent 14 Jul 2003.
Last Wednesday I went to Terneuzen because there was the Dour festival the last 4 days and it was fantastic... But they've changed the inside of the Miami completely and that selling dude is also gone. :-) Now they are cheaper than the other shop and the quality is the same. It's an OK shop now.... :-p
Negative Review Wimmy from Belgium. Sent 8 Jul 2003.
I've been there a few times and we like went there just to get some stuff, but the shopkeeper is not friendly at all, looks kinda paranoid to me. Maybe he smokes too much... :p Also, the bar itself is kinda bald, it has no 'mood'...