closed coffeeshop in Rotterdam
Reviews of Pluto Number of Positive Reviews 11 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Zagan from USA sent 25 Sep 2018
Pluto is a coffeeshop near the Rotterdam Centraal station offering a wide variety of products and provides guests with a very generous smoking area that doesn't just cram everybody in like sardines. It's a decent place to relax and read for a bit. No vaporizers on loan, but they had a nice atmosphere.
Positive Review Freewheelin' Franklin from UK sent 30 Nov 2014
Nice, big, open airy and spacious. Interesting tables. Proper security. Serve yourself drinks machines (with a change machine). Open 'til midnight, got moved on after an hour though. The guy said there was actually a limit of half an hour!! He seemed a little uncomfortable telling me so I didn't get annoyed. Very strange though, that's barely enough time for a game of backgammon. Has this put me off going back? Undecided, but there are plenty of other coffeeshops in Rotterdam.
Positive Review NSI from France sent 27 May 2010
Nice Hia at 10 euros a gram, One of the greatest hash I've ever tested in Rotterdam, if you've been to the Dampkring in Amsterdam and asked for the Super Tibbisla or Riffman Habibi, you can consider the Hia at Pluto as a sure value, yes sir.
Positive Review Spud Hed from UK sent 27 Apr 2010
Seating and drinks are limited here, just a little counter and a coffee vending machine, but the selection and quality of the smoke makes up for it, prices were excellent too, the isolator and afghan black were both really top notch and only 9E a gram, seemed very popular with the locals too.
Positive Review The Doctor from UK sent 3 Dec 2009
Just take-away but great hash quality and prices. Well worth the visit.
Positive Review Streeturchin from Italy sent 3 Dec 2009
I went here when I was in transit in Rotterdam for few hours and it was the only shop I managed to find at the time. The stuff I got was very ok, very powerful hemp and pricewise a very good bargain. The only down is that the shop is some sort of cash and carry, no place in to chill out.
Positive Review Big Tree and Megatron from Scotland sent 1 Dec 2009
Walked into this place and got a free coffee! Has a small seating area where you are welcome to smoke.
Positive Review Cortina from UK visited July 09; sent 31 Jul 2009
Open at 10am on Sundays. Was only person there. Not much seating on ground floor but there's a downstairs area. Friendly service (I made the effort to speak Dutch, albeit not that well). Good advice on products. Biobuitenwiet (bio outdoor weed) was medium strength and gave a nice relaxed body stone, didn't mess with my head like strong sativas do. Good price. Nice. Superpolm similar effect but more expensive. Nice big mugs of tea.
Neutral Review Andy After Party from USA sent 9 Jan 2007
A good place to pick up a piece or grinder or any stoner essential, but the Power Plant there was only decent. Not a good place to chill out though. Alright to stop by and pick up something, but with Sky High right across the street, your nose for better bud should take you there.
Positive Review Mad Dog Margetts from England sent 25 Nov 2005
Excellent business like approach, although don't expect too much information about the different choices of hash and weed of which there are many. Good prices which are weighed fairly and come complete with a colourful card insert. No-where to sit down as this isn't really a coffee shop, in fact the coffee machine has always been broken when I've been there. Friendly, un-pretentious and always reliable.
Positive Review Greg from Netherlands sent 27 Dec 2004
Opening again 7 January 2005.
Negative Review Greg from Netherlands sent 3 Aug 2004
Closed by the city council for selling to minors.
Positive Review Fred from France visited May/June 2003; sent 23 Sep 2003
In fact, it's a headshop. They sell WW, K2, Jack, Orange Bud, Power Plant, Afghan hash, Moroccan ... Even if it seems strange it's great cause you can find lots of kinds of weed, hash, and owner's young. You can also find good tools. Very quiet place, not lot of people.
Neutral Review Jeremy from USA sent 15 Jul 2003
Located just a few paces from "Sky High" on the opposite side of the street is the strangest shop I've ever entered. In fact, I'm not positive that it actually is a coffeeshop but they do sell weed and hash. You walk into a very nondescript establishment with pipes and bongs in the window and along the walls. In the middle of the room sits a large glass booth (like the kind you see in subway stations here in the states) with an attendant inside. You look at a menu or book (can't remember) and tell them what you want. A small packet comes back once you've laid your money down and that's it. You're on your way.