coffeeshop in Enschede
Reviews of Sharon Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review AS50_big_mac sent 4 Sep 2021
For me the best shop in town. Friendly people. You can pay with bank cart and my guess is the best weed/hasj is from 11euro to 15 p/g. Black Special or HYA, but that's everywhere the case!
Positive Review Rafiki from Germany sent 27 May 2019
The only shop we trust in Enschede. Every time we are near Enschede we only go to this shop as the quality is consistent. They renovated the shop couple of years ago from a small closed off counter / corridor to a glassbox. Scale can be seen, no prepack and if you are nice to them they don't mind adding 0.1 or more to the scale. Never really bothered to buy anything else than Amnesia. Only negative point: The very, very small smoking area that is seldomly allowing us to sit down.
Positive Review Jesscass visited April 2019; sent 26 Apr 2019
This is not only a coffeeshop but a 'smoke lounge' they seemingly proudly promote. Also a small to medium sized one here. When you enter there is a dealer counter to the right and behind that a small section behind glass for consumption. An area for about twenty-five seats including some couches and in general a modern if bit rundown interior. Can be smoky inside though. Only vending machines for beverages, always a bad point. On their menu they had for weed: K2 (8€/g), Victory (8€/g), Super Skunk (8€/g), Santa Maria (8€/g), Bubbles (8.5€/g), Critical (8.5€/g), Og Kush (9€/g), Super Seven (9€/g), Cheese Haze (10€/g), Amnesia Haze (11€/g). Hash: Afghaan (6€/g), Puntjes (8€/g), Super Maroc (9€/g), Hia (11€/g) and Black Special (11€/g). Dealer in his fifties recommended Super Pollen to me after I asked particularly for advice; got me this Cheese Haze as well as it remotely smelt indeed like Cheese; they weigh up for you here. Hash was decent from smell and look but lacked strength and taste, especially for the price! Merely ok enough. The grass wasn't bad at all but not too good either. Bummer one evening that place was closed as one of the few closing earlier in town as I wanted to give their Hia a go.
Neutral Review Max from Germany sent 15 Feb 2010
The staff was a strange guy, a big skinhead! The shop isn't the best to sit in for a long time, one small room to smoke in, no bongs! They have weed and hash, best stuff is Victory and Zero! The shop is bad, the stuff is great!
Positive Review Oli from Germany sent 23 Oct 2007
Very cool shop, nice to chill there and the prices are okay for the weed. Amnezia Haze 9euro, great smell great taste.
Positive Review Pthomas from USA sent 22 Oct 2007
Probably has the strongest gear, which I love but take elsewhere to consume. The staff is helpful, but the place is a bit sketchy as you have to be buzzed in, and then go to a glass window (usually a line, the gear is that good) and the place is real dark, no theme, and seems dingy, mostly for a quick roll, then scooting to the Mix to smoke.
Positive Review Oli from Germany sent 13 Sep 2007
Small shop with good quality. Last time I bought Victory that smells great.
Positive Review Electra from Germany sent 23 Jul 2003
The seller seemed to be stoned but he was cool.. We've paid 30 eur for 5 grams of skunk .. :) It's good and we're chilling very happy and slow now :) (I wonder how the time flies *g*)