de Wolf

coffeeshop in Utrecht
Reviews of de Wolf Number of Positive Reviews 2 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Anne R from Netherlands sent 8 Oct 2008
Positive Review Crazy Lord from Netherlands sent 20 Nov 2004
Sells large amounts of good quality weed, you can also say I want White Widow for 10 euro, because the shop owner weigh out the weed. The maximum pre-rolled joints that I ever get was just two, but they are weaker then when you do it by your self. Packages of papers and roaches are always free. Ohh it was the first time I got there.
Positive Review Mark from Utrecht sent 2 Apr 2004
It's located in Lombok near Zanzi. I visit it every day, they sell large amounts of high quality weed for normal prices and they also give people a lot of stuff for free! When you order 12,50 of something, you get a pre-rolled (voorgedraaide) for free, and 2 when you come there for more then a year. Packages of papers and roaches are always free (probably stolen or something :)) There's some excellent tea and coffee. Sometimes there's Moroccan food for free. On several celebrations there's free liquor. Their weed is one of the strongest I encountered in Utrecht, they also sell some White Widow they only give to VIP-costumers, which is white instead of green. :)