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coffee shop Africa, Tilburg, Noord Brabant for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, reviews, map, inside view, picture
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Reviews of Africa 3 2 1
Jesscass. Visited March 2018. Sent 8 Mar 2018.
Relatively bright and modern Moroccan owned place. Providing about thirty seats inside and about ten outdoors (patio). There is a modern traditional Moroccan theme going on even though some seats have seen better days; still clean enough in general. They do Tostis too and are friendly usually. Hash menu had this on: Gardella (6€/g), Ketama Gold (6€/g), Critical (Moroccan, 7€/g and even though I rarely go for 5g this deal was reasonable at 25€/5g which says a lot about availability of this new type again), Caramello (8€/g), Kristal (8€/g) and Twisla (10€/g). Weedwise I remember White Widow (9€/g), White Sugar Haze (10€/g) and Amnesia (12€/g). Their Twisla was nice and best value for money in town. Again enjoyed my stay here and will be back.
A dude from Belgium. Sent 20 Sep 2009.
This shop seemed to be closed when we arrived (discontinued?)
Lewis from Wales. Sent 31 Aug 2008.
Old-school, dark, a little run-down. Small area in front of the bar with extra seating in a rather utilitarian room at the back and pool table out front. Didn't have any Jack Herrer. I always buy Jack Herrer in the mistaken belief that I can tell the difference between weeds, but I still got stoned on whatever it was I bought. Couldn't have a Cappuccino, machine broken.
Barry from Belgium. Sent 19 Jan 2008.
Medium in price and quality. Not such a big selection, but enough sorts for the average smoker. Indifferent.
Lindavespot from Netherlands. Sent 20 Oct 2006.
I've lived in Tilburg all my life and I've got to tell you that this is the best shop in the city and everybody who wants to go to Africa in Tilburg just go there have fun relax and look to the beautiful drawing on the wall in the back of the shop while smoking a joint.
Mitch from England. Sent 22 Jan 2006.
I lived in Tilburg for 8 months after leaving England for work. De Muze was my first (not bad) but we lived virtually next door to coffeeshop Africa and after 3 weeks we were made to feel at home. First name terms, bag top ups and some of the best weed I ever tasted. I cant believe I’m the first to comment. Can’t wait to go back. You just gotta love Tilburg.