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Negative Review J. from Netherlands. Sent 5 Jan 2011.
Closed. They had their license revoked because there location was close to a school and they had some legal problems.
Positive Review Jason from USA. Sent 8 May 2008.
This coffeeshop is a little dark and dirty, but it was the only one I knew about in the area at the time. The budtender was extremely friendly and even gave us some clear papers for free. We didn't know how to roll very well at the time so a guy sitting next to us at the bar rolled one for us out of his own stash. Pretty nice guy. Went 4 or 5 times. Good quality product. Prerolled were pretty poor. Most of the clientele seemed to be local Middle Easterners. Going back to the Netherlands next week and will probably hit it up again.
Neutral Review The Edinburgensians from Scotland. Sent 17 Mar 2004.
Confusingly described outside as a 'tea shop,' the hippy painting on the large window quickly suggests that you're in the right place. Though (as usual!) longer than it is wide, it is wider than most shops, hence is a large place. When we visited, customers were principally young, and the very dark lighting couldn't hide the fact that the place was none too clean; indeed, our female half didn't fancy sitting on the elderly cover on one of the sofas near the bar, preferring a wooden chair. The pool table and (rare!) Williams NBA Fastbreak pinball are by the window, there is a long bar, and in a small alcove away at the back, a table for dominoes. The toilet continued the 'unpleasant' theme, with a lot of graffiti, no soap, and a laughable face cloth sized towel, altogether reminiscent of toilets in many Amsterdam coffeeshops. Despite all this, if you are heading back to the station, it's one of the nearest shops, so useful to know about and to drop in to for a last minute purchase on your way. For us, it wasn't somewhere we'd like to spend a great deal of time.