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Down Town

coffeeshop Waalwijk
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Neutral Review Mark from USA. Sent 25 Jan 2014.
My first time in Holland and I found this place on the internet. I entered about 8pm tonite. It smelled great and lots of bud on the counter. The lady politely informed me that they cannot serve foreigners because of the wietpas law. You gotta be fuckin' kidding me! Really? No sales to non-residents?? Now I gotta ask my Dutch buddy to score me some weed. It actually wasn't so bad. I went back to the hotel bar and made a couple of friends who helped me to buy some. I was looking for something really strong, one hit shit. These guys got what they called "Haze", which was laced with tobacco. I don't do tobacco and the buzz was too mild for me. The lady at the coffee shop told me that only the larger cities like Rotterdam and Amsterdam sell to foreigners. Walking the streets of Amsterdam, it was clearly the case, but I was with the customer we came to visit and didn't have a chance to partake. However, the Dutch customer noted that all of the people standing outside the smart shop were foreigners.