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coffeeshop Hilversum
coffee shop Andorra, Hilversum, Noord Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Andorra Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Jesscass. Visited June 2018. Sent 10 Jun 2018.
Another pick-up-only joint with about twelve strains of wiet and about five offers for hashish. They weigh up for you here. Got me a bit of Moroccan Best (8€/g) which was nice enough. Was shown Amnesia (10,5€/g) and Blue Mystic (12€/g) as their best which both looked nice enough.
Positive Review Justin from Belgium. Sent 20 Feb 2012.
A nice little shop on the main road in front of the train station. The lady at the counter never ceased to smile and was extremely patient and friendly. I smelled 3 different hashes and settled on the Super Polm (10/g) which turned out to be a good choice resulting in a state of instant high once exhaled and lasting for a fair amount of time. I also bought a gram of White Widow (9 euro/g) which was of good quality and well cured. They had tobacco-esque pipes (5 euro) and Moroccan Sabis (7 euro) with a variety of clay pipes to choose from. There's no place to smoke inside and the streets were full of police and children (neither of whom do I smoke in the presence of) but I found a favorable vantage point on a bench outside the train station. The assortment of weed was between 10 and 12 strains (including Northern Lights, Buddha Cheese, White Widow, Blueberry and some rarities) and the assortment of hash was 7 varieties including Polm, Super Polm, Charas, Afghan and Moroccan imports and some icolators.
Positive Review Peter from Netherlands. Sent 31 Jul 2009.
Super chilled shop. Beautiful assortment of weed, including bio. White weed at 8.50 euro/gram. Old-fashioned good service.
Positive Review Doody from USA. Sent 22 Oct 2008.
A cool little shop, but in a strange location, right on a roundabout, and an entrance to the highway, sort of right on the busy street. Mostly a "pick-up/take-out" place, but there is a small seating area, and the overall vibe is good, nice music, friendly staff and all. The wiet counter is right there as you walk in. Small menu, normal choices, I got the Polm pre-rolled joint at only 2.50e, and it was the best I ever had. I performed that evening at Cafe Felix II, and after the show I shared it with the owner of the restaurant next door, sitting outside on his bench covered overhead by vines, flowers and one of those funky umbrella trees, he also thought it was amazing, "Must be a new batch," he said. The rest of the menu looked great and the prices were low, I just already had a surplus of wiet. Fun little place, if in the area stop in.
Positive Review Matt from Australia. Sent 30 Oct 2006.
Andorra is probably my favourite coffeeshop in Hilversum. Decent pot, good prices and friendly people. Almost every time I've been in there have been interesting people to talk to and the guy that works during the day is always fun to chat with. If in Hilversum, you should try and visit here.
Positive Review Phrixion from USA. Sent 29 Jun 2005.
Andorra is good shop for a small town like Hilversum. There are lots of youth there as well as older smokers. I stayed for tea and biscuits and did not buy but the owner claimed the SnowWhite is their specialty. The youth there kept saying that I was doing a raw roll of weed and would keep looking over at me, pronounced like "American". The owner seems nice enough and likes to smoke with the guests, he is laid back. He is also into music. Andorra has a Photo Play machine as well as a computer with Internet access. The inside is cozy. They have chips, candy and food. I recommend it as a nice stop in Hilversum.
Positive Review Cannabist from Hilversum. Sent 16 Jan 2005.
It is not just an old people shop, there are alot of youth there, that they treat well, and have good relationship with. Andorra is an excellent shop, with a very cool atmosphere. Only shop worth hanging around in my opinion in Hilversum. Their weed is also very good, with Snowwhite being their best.
Positive Review Frido from Hilversum. Sent 21 Jul 2004.
I think it is a very good shop.
Negative Review Anon. from Netherlands. Sent 5 Sep 2003.
This shop sux. Full of old people and meant for old people. They do not appreciate youth there. Even if you buy they annoy you to buy drinks every second after u just finished the one u just had. I've been kicked out of this shop at least 3 times because I refused to buy another drink. But this has not much to do with my rating. If they sold more and better weed I'd talk good about them. The thing is their best weed is the Crystal and that's always sold out. If you can get it though it's worth it.