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coffeeshop Gouda
coffee shop Animo, Gouda, Zuid Holland for cannabis with address, opening times, reviews, map, picture
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Positive Review Jesscass. Visited December 2016. Sent 21 Dec 2016.
Another take-away-only place. Grass: Animo Special(10€), Cheese Haze(11€), Amnesia(11€) and Bubble(12€). One Moroccan hash available, Super Kristal. Older Moroccan budtender not speaking much English but happy to help was selling me Cheese Haze and his blondish Moroccan Super Kristal. Cheese Haze tasted funny and was weak but the hashish was spot on. Best hashish when it comes to price/performance ratio in Gouda that day. Tasty and giving a good head as body high. Recommended!
Neutral Review Epsilon from USA. Sent 19 Jul 2011.
This is now a "members only" shop. Has nothing to do with nationality apparently. They will sell you weed, but unless you're a member you won't get into the smoking area.