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Reviews of Azul Number of Positive Reviews 11 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 4
Negative Review Ganja X from Belgium. Sent 3 Jun 2009.
The last months Azul is playing with the customers, they close their coffeeshop too soon and they only have two weeds available that are not worth your money. They rip people off and they enjoy it as well. But it's not that blowers are too stupid to understand because the last months if you visit or go and have a fast look at Azul you will see that there are almost no people there! The coffeeshop is so fucked up that visitors walk in and than go back out to another coffeeshop, just because of the bad weeds and their very bad service! We talked to some people that visited Azul some time a go and they told us this: Azul is a bad coffeeshop with what we call a high idea of itself, they think their customers are shit and the treat them that way. The prices are too high for the bullshit the serve. If people really want to visit Roosendaal please go to Libberty 2! or go to Tilburg!
Positive Review Nicolas from Netherlands. Sent 9 Apr 2009.
This establishment is run by a bunch of friendly Arabs. Most of the regular customers are Moroccan or Tunisian. The atmosphere in the coffeeshop is quite calm, it's very different compared to the other ones in Roosendaal. My opinion is that this is the place where you will find the best weed and hash of the city. Myself, I'm a weed lover, I rarely smoke hash. But here, I buy a gram of their Moroccan "00" now and then. I always buy some weed at the Azul when I'm in Roosendaal. I would highly recommend their Amnesia and their Haze. They are at very decent prices and are really worth your money. After a couple of Amnesia j's, I can guarantee that you will be stoned. I somehow built a conversation with one of the regulars. He had been living in Roosendaal for the last twelve years, and he never purchased anything at any of the other coffeeshops. He told me he was Moroccan. "This place sell's the best hash in town", he said. Well, what else can I say but that's the choice of a professional?
Negative Review Ganja X from Belgium. Sent 13 Jan 2009.
The quality of the weed and the service are going down a bad way. The dealers are not friendly sometimes they almost throw the weed to you and they don't say one good word to you. If you order some weed they rip you off most of the time. If you ask 3 grams of weed and you check it at home you will see that more than once there will be 1 to 1.5 grams that's not there! Last week we got there on 19:45 o'clock and the dealer told us to fuck off they were closed already. Should be at 20:00 o'clock like they're telling every one! So we ran to another shop that day. Really people, at Azul the atmosphere is very poor. And at the street in front of them there are street dealers that are very aggressive to tourists. They follow you to your car even if you told them 5 times to leave you alone. Sometimes they even follow you to the Belgian border and further. Please look out for these guys, they are very dangerous.
Positive Review Skabouter from Belgium. Sent 13 Dec 2008.
A friend of me told me that this is the best place in town, and I guess it's true. It's a shop run by Arabs, with quality goods. The Zero Zero was excellent (forgot the price) with a great taste. Also I bought Hollandse Glorie (5€/g). The taste wasn't that great, gets you real high. The Amnesia Haze was 7€/g and was from medium quality. Too bad the shop has to close soon.
Positive Review Ganja X from Belgium. Sent 24 Oct 2008.
Roosendaal and Bergen Op Zoom are having problems, from February 2009 coffeeshops in Bergen en Roosdenaal can only sell 2grams of weed to their customers. This is the new rule in the Netherlands from February on. And this is only the start of the problems in times of two year all 8 coffeeshop of Bergen en Roosendaal must be closed! This is the reaction of police and the politicians for having 25.000 drugtourists in there city every day! From later on in 2009 the coffeeshops will be restricted to selling max 2gram and the close later on. From that moment the weed is not longer legal in the Netherlands. So people please stand up and tell the coffeeshops now that we support them in these critical times. And for the blowers please look out because the police and the joint hit team will be looking out for cars from: Belgium, France, UK everything that's not from the Netherlands ;-)
Positive Review Hornet from Belgium. Sent 4 May 2008.
Much cheaper and the quality is 10 times better than in Vlissingen.
Positive Review Michael from USA. Sent 30 Jun 2007.
I really enjoyed the weed from here and at decent prices, but I was walking around stoned all day and I had left my bag in the weedcounter area, and I had came back after a couple hours and the weedbartender had put it behind his counter for me, it was pretty nice so I bought a bit more and I'll be going again, I also like how it's well-lit, definitely a good place if you don't like the musty, cave feeling coffeeshops.
Positive Review NSI from France. Sent 22 Apr 2007.
A very good coffeeshop with very nice dealers, last time I went there I bought 5 grams of Amnesia, which was so tasty and so powerful, for only 40 euros, I gave the guy 50 cuz it's 10 bucks a gram but he gave me back 10, who does that? Only real cool people do. I recommend this shop to anyone, you won't be disappointed.
Negative Review Dragon from Belgium. Sent 17 Apr 2007.
Not as good than you all think it is. Reason we tell this? For more than 4 times this coffeeshop sold us weed that was not good at all. We asked all 4 times to get the Nooderlicht and they send us off with Amnezia Haze! We are people that are crazy about weeds like Noorderlicht, White Widow, Pepsi, K2 and other good weeds. But we don't like to smoke Haze and the owner and the dealer of Azul know this because we told them more than once. After the last 4 times of getting bad stuff there we will not visit this shop any more. And if you think that selling bad weed is not cool than you got the problem there that every time your bag is getting smaller and smaller.
Positive Review SteviO from Belgium. Sent 6 Nov 2006.
It was f*cking great! Realy nice people over there & realy good smokes! Prices go from 4 € tp 7€50. We tried the ''Hollandse Glorie'' and I can tell you guys: This bud is delicious.
Positive Review kennyL from Belgium. Sent 3 Apr 2006.
This is a great shop good prices and very friendly people there. The weed and hasj is excellent and some times very strong. You must visit Azul when you are in Roosendaal.
Positive Review Fabio from Italy. Sent 29 Aug 2004.
I go one time each week in Holland to buy hashish from Belgium since 2002. Actually I can say that in the coffeeshop Azul you can buy it at one of the best quality/price rapport in Holland. Good sounds too. Lot of choice of hashish and grass, biological too. I was looking for something like that: their Moroccan "0 0" great. I can't say you nothing about their grasses because I've never tasted it.
Positive Review Micah from Belgium. Sent 24 Jul 2004.
I have been crossing the Belgian/Netherlands border for about a year now to go to the Azul on a regular basis, and I can say that there is certainly no place better in Roosendaal. I have also found that, unless there is just a "drought" of good grass across the Netherlands that you won't find any better quality in Amsterdam or in the border towns of the Netherlands than at the Azul. Sadly, I haven't travelled extensively in the Netherlands so I can't speak for anything other than these two cities. The "northern lights" will never disappoint, and their hash is pretty good too (although when they do get in the Lebanese and Moroccan hash it tends to be a bit expensive (especially the blonde), but usually worth it). It's a small place, but they usually play decent music and have a good selection of teas (and a better selection of grass and hash). I always order the mint tea and my wife and I sit a while and chat. The "bartenders" are always cordial (especially the guys) and are never too busy to try to show a novice how to roll a good Nederlander joint. (Something I definitely needed help with when I first came to Europe and still rolled American-style). Although the coffee-shop scene is fairly new to me, I've been smoking some of the best grass the US has to offer for years and I'm not easily impressed. The Azul is rapidly becoming my 3rd home. I love it there. At an average of about EUR5/gram the prices are good, and although they are strict about the 5 gram per person limit it's worth multiple trips if need be.
Positive Review Filip from Belgium. Sent 12 Sep 2003.
I already go for about 2 years to coffeeshop Azul, and never got home disappointed. Although they now only sell 5 grams a person anymore (stronger Dutch regulations).
Negative Review Barry from Belgium. Visited 13/09/2001. Sent 15 Sep 2001.
I'm a heavy smoker and go to Roosendaal every 3 weeks and buy around 5000BEF of grass in Azul. I went on Thursday 13th at 2PM and bought 5000BEF of what I thought was there best most expensive grass - Hollands Glorie. When I got home and opened it bag - they just sold me 5000 BEF of shit. I've been going to there guys for over 6 months now and they turn around and rip me off. It costs me almost 900BEF for the train there! I though that since dope was leagalised you would stop gettting ripped off by punks - this is not true I'm sad to say. Could you please warn other smokers - as everyone knows there is nothing worse than getting ripped off.