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Positive Review Dtown from USA. Sent 6 Mar 2005.
I came to this shop mainly looking for magic mushrooms. But on the way there I got scammed by one of the dealers standing on the corner by the traffic lights next to the shop. He claimed how the mushrooms that are sold in the stores are not dried and are therefore not nearly as potent as the dried ones. I cannot believe that I fell for that story. Anyhow, I ended up loosing 70 euros from some dumb low life on the street. Let this be a lesson to anyone trying to buy drugs on the street. You will get scammed. Next time you see one, tell him to fuck off. After this strange experience, I came to Bazaar shop to purchase fresh mushrooms. They had 3 varieties, depending on your experience with mushrooms. I took the Columbian kind which was more than I bargained for. I bought two packs for 3 of us and it was way too much considering our inexperience with these things. I had only done mushrooms once before this and I thought I knew what I was doing. We went to Antwerp zoo and split the mushrooms between the 3 of us. I had the worst experience ever in my life. I took too much and I didn't know how to handle these things. I was panicking and I had no idea where I was. I had lost myself going to the restroom and I could not find my way back to the rest of my friends. I just kept circling around and I had no idea what I was trying to do. Please do not think that you're experienced user if you've only done them once. Be cautious with dosage as these things can really do damage. The person that was helping me in the shop was the coolest guy I had ever met. I didn't get his name but I wish I did so that I could post it for everyone to know. This guy had no ego whatsoever. He was very courteous and very helpful and I could tell that he was very, very honest. He warned me that the Columbian kind are for experienced users but I just ignored his advice. I should have listened. He's the guy with the longer hair, kinda short statue. I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone. Again, please be aware of the dealers on the corner. Don't even look at them.