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coffeeshop Deventer
coffee shop Bull's, Deventer, Overijssel for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, picture
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Positive Review Jesscass. Visited November 2017. Sent 8 Jan 2018.
You enter and there are already some seats around until you proceed to the bar where the budtender sits behind glass. To the right of the bar there are other seats as well, about 40 altogether in this medium sized shop. Usual beverages and little snacks to be had at the bar as well. Bit rundown though but clean. On offer was weedwise: White Mystery (9€), White Widow (9€), Santa Maria (9€), Amnesia (12€), G13 (12€), Lemon Haze (12€), S5 (12€), OG Kush (12€) and Afrika (5€). Hashwise: Hija II (5€/0,5g), Pakistani (5€/0,5g), Amnesia (5€/0,5g) Pollum (5€/0,6g), Afgaan (5€/0,9g), Tbisla (10€/0,8g) and Haze Ice (12€/0,5g). Two types of pre-packed bags available. Got recommended Tbisla which was dark and sticky pressed resin which turned soft and oily in your palms and is a strong body stone with a nice head high. Strongest we found on that visit to this lovely old town. Also had a go at their Amensia hash (from Morocco) which was one of those new Moroccans now looking like old school hash and more tasting like them; though you can taste those foreign genetics, too. Nice smoke as well! Took a look at the nice looking Santa Maria and ok enough Amnesia by the way, too. Worth a visit me thinks.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA. Sent 1 Jul 2008.
Located just across from the Sijzbaan Parking garage, about a block from the Brink, Bulls is a large shop as Simon described. We sampled a nice Shiva and some Ketema hash. No complaints about either. They sell in 5 Euro amounts. Staff and patrons were friendly. Recommended if you're in Deventer.
Positive Review Simon from Netherlands. Sent 9 Jan 2004.
Downstairs there are half a dozen tables, a buying corner and a bar. The music depends on the day and ranges from reggae to hardcore. On the 1st floor there is an Internet cafe part with about 6 PCs, a Playstation 2 part with 2 PS2s and a poolroom with 1 pooltable and a few tables. Then there is a second floor with about 6 big couches and a huge!! TV and a DVD player for which you can bring your own DVDs and won't cost anything!!! Also there is a table-soccer-table. Overall, a very nice shop to go to.