Smoke Kaffee Chip 'n Dale

coffeeshop in 's-Hertogenbosch
Reviews of Smoke Kaffee Chip 'n Dale Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Marcin from Poland sent 29 Nov 2010
I live in this city and I don't know why some people just don't like this coffeeshop. Maybe it is because sometimes they have weed and you have to wait for a couple of days. At the moment when I'm writing this post they have new menu with new weed - Amenezia Haze and also some new hash. They give you the stuff in a bag or in form of joint not like in some kind of stupid boxes like at MeetPoint or Grass Company.
Negative Review Tarro from Italy sent 5 May 2007
Nice to see two women as the staff, not nice to discover they finished the weed!
Neutral Review Bat29 from England sent 30 Nov 2005
I thought the lady was well rude demandin to see my passport which I never had with me, my fault. Bought some Shieva from there, very dry and just fell apart in bag not good.
Neutral Review Absolut from Belgium sent 23 Jul 2005
For me the Chippendale is the less interesting coffeeshop in den Bosh. However they having poolside and the waitress are beautiful.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA visited June 04; sent 29 Jun 2004
Located right in the centrum. Had to produce ID the first time we entered. They remembered us the second time. Big place, comfortable, not too loud or crowded. Large seating and pool area downstairs. Friendly staff. Quiet during the day. Gets busy in evenings.
Positive Review Satisfied Visitor from Germany sent 15 Nov 2003
Well, on the one hand Chippendales is a nice place to go to with a good choice of smokable stuff, but on the other hand it is a typical tourist coffeeshop and when you're entering the location you will know it is only commercial business. By the way, den Bosch is the most beautiful small city I've ever seen and you HAVE TO VISIT the other shops! Let me tell you one more thing about the other shops: kindly prices, quality stuff , lovely atmosphere and again lovely atmosphere!