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Club 88

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Reviews of Club 88 Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Watty from Belgium. Sent 18 May 2006.
On the last comment from Belgium Guy, when he looked at the menu he can read that the price of 1 gr NLX 7 € is and that you can buy them in bags from 5, 10, 20 and 30 € so there is no ripping off just a stoney Belgium Guy when you want to buy 5 gr you can ask for a bag of 30 and a bag of 5 so you get your 5 gr.
Positive Review Pieno from Thailand. Sent 15 May 2006.
My nr.1 coffeeshop. It's the only one I go. They got some nice ppl working there. I specially go there for the NLX or some Haze sometimes. My girl take the King Hassan. I don't like it when she smoke that because after she don't like to do anything anymore. It's just too heavy for some ppl but she is right when she say it's the perfect taste. I like to talk with the ppl spec. with the dealers they are good ppl always correct and when I am so stoned to forget my money and walk out quickly the ppl at the door come running after me they always shock me because they quite big and ugly hahaha.
Negative Review Belgian Guy from Belgium. Sent 3 Feb 2006.
Club 88 used to be a good coffee-shop, friendly people working there, good weed and most off all: they used to be correct. Before the renovations, the weed was weighed without the bag! Nowadays when you ask for a bag of 30euro u get a max 4.2 grams, because they put the weed in the bag first and then weigh it! If u know that an empty bag weighs 1.4gr, then it's easy to count out your loss and their profit. U even sometimes have to insist that u get your money back, because he doesn't want to pick up the change out of his register. If this is a scam to make easy money, U guys are the best. Ripping off most people! Even customers like me, who come daily to your shop!
Positive Review DM from Belgium. Sent 23 Feb 2005.
Club 88 is my favourite coffeeshop when I just want to buy weed and go home. It's rather small and there aren't sofas to chill. You can only sit on the bar, or on 2 other tables with bar seats. The service is sometimes not good. A few years ago the dealer and bargirl were always friendly. When you stayed for a drink and they recognised your face they gave you a bit extra ;) But since the rebuilds there has been changed a lot. Other faces behind the bar, security persons near the door, pre-packed bags from 5€-10€-15€-20€ and so on. Sometimes you have to wait 5 minutes for your drink or weed because they're talking, the security guys keep asking my passport although I'm over 21 and the must recognise my face and when I come outside and look at my bag I sometimes have the feeling I've been ripped-off. The Pricelist is lots better than the service and comfort. The NLX is cheap and always good. Their Polm is perfect to smoke with the NLX. They fit both in the same price range. If you want to spend a bit more money I advise their Haze and Skuff. Conclusion: If you want to get quickly some good weed, Club 88 is the place to be. If you want to chill you won't like it.
Neutral Review Jelle from Belgium. Sent 22 Aug 2004.
The Club 88 has just been renovated, first it was a small coffeeshop with most of all the same people, there are many Belgians in there because it's not far from there, you can go there with your bike and you're there in just 30 minutes. Now it is rebuilt inside, there is now a whole new color and it's very clean, but it's not the place what it was, it's not cosy anymore for me its just a comin-comout coffeeshop. The pricelist is good, they have some haze, special haze, NLX is tasty, and there is enough choice of hashes.