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El Amal

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Reviews of El Amal Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Steve from USA. Sent 3 Apr 2005.
Seems to be closed.
Positive Review Jay from Canada. Sent 17 Aug 2004.
This place has the best weed I have ever smoked. Sure it's expensive but for a concentrated effect that gets you really high, it can't be beaten. The owner, who comes from the Maghreb, greets everyone who looks non-Dutch in French and is very welcoming, this guy knows the ins and outs of everything he sells. Do any of you know if it's still open? I was last there last summer and have gone back in March and May to find it closed. I'm heading down to Maastricht this weekend and I really want to know if it's still open otherwise I won't bother going, none of the other coffeeshops there can compete with this one.
Positive Review CorwIn from Belgium. Sent 22 Jan 2004.
First time I heard about it, I was with friends coming back from there with a small quantity of expensive weed. I thought "That better get me real stoned..." And Yes, I Was. Their El Amal Haze is the best weed I know of. Quite expensive (11€/gram), but if you want a really great high, you want to try it. The owners are friendly. They roll killer joints, too; if you have the time, you should smoke one there with a drink and relax.
Positive Review Steve and Nick from England. Sent 2 Jan 2004.
Seating for about 20 people. Most expensive bud is 11 euro a gmme for A5 Haze most expensive resin is 15 euro a gmme. If you go here you must get a pot of Moroccan mint tea. Nice relaxing place with tunes in the background. The ready rolled joints are worth a toke as well. Snowball for 3.50 euros, they are not shy with the bud when rolling these.