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Feels Good

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Feels Good
coffee shop Feels Good, Amsterdam, Noord Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Feels Good Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Dave from UK. Visited 9/1/18. Sent 15 Jan 2018.
On edge of RLD is this 'small' shop. Has a turnstile entrance and the counter is in the front window which is a bit of a shame as it makes it a little dark. Never mind, you can tell it sells good weed as it's always busy and the budtender was super friendly. You have to buy a drink to smoke inside of course and there's a big smoking area at the back. Bought pre-rolled and gram of Lemon Haze both of which do the job. It's big inside and there's a lot worse than this place.
Negative Review Nixus. Sent 20 Dec 2011.
I've been there on a regular basis for few months now as I am a local. Really enjoyed their stuff (great Amnesia Haze and so called Ultra Haze, that was actually Skunkhaze) even more because the 5g baggies are 35 to 45 Euros max. Pretty good rate for decent weed in the redlight district. Never had any complaint about the quality or quantity. I sent my best friend buying a 5g for myself. When he gave it to me I was very surprised at the small amount of weed for so-sold 5g. Scaled it straight away at work (I also work in a CS in the RLD). It was 4.00, not 5.00. Then checked in another shop nearby, just to make sure. Same. Headed straight back to the shop with my mate, explaining the matter, gently, quietly and most of all honestly. Only answer I had from both budtender and manager was calling me a liar, that I was telling bullshit and that I or my friend must have smoke some on the road. Never got this g back.
Positive Review ChicagoJim from USA. Sent 13 Apr 2009.
This has always been 1 of my favorite shops but change has hit here too. You can only smoke at the bar if you buy their pure pre-rolled joints. They are a little harsh but pack a good punch. 3 joints for 12 euro. Super Morroc Hash was awesome 12 euro for 2 grams. Got some regular weed called BMT 2 grams for you guessed it 12 euro. This place is worth a stop! Excellent!
Neutral Review Dambuster from UK. Sent 2 Dec 2008.
Was a bit disappointed with the limited choice of pre rolled joints here, either pure weed or mixed. Had a sectioned off smoking area at the back which reminded me of the tardis, looked small from the outside but inside was huge, plenty of seating available. I would say the best thing about this coffeeshop was the freshly made fruit smoothies from the juice bar, yum! Also had a good selection of old and new reggae tunes playing. I will visit this coffeeshop again just for the smoothies!
Positive Review Knetter from USA. Sent 4 Feb 2006.
Was the first coffee shop my sister and I discovered, what a wonderful place, found that to be our "hangout". In fact I would like to say thank you to all of Amsterdam. We were there 2 women hanging out, seeing the sights, meeting alot of people, and everyone treated us wonderful, a true joy for us. It was a blast, but the people at Feels Good were wonderful and made our first stop heaven.
Positive Review Carlos from UK. Sent 22 Jul 2004.
Nice, chilled out place, music a bit dreary though, morbid tunes make me even more stoned. Was a good place to go when we got bored of wandering around the Red Light Area!
Positive Review Martin from England. Sent 23 Mar 2004.
Well I have been To Amsterdam about 15 times, and I have not found a better Skuff anywhere, I came across this little coffee shop whilst staying at the Crown Hotel (which was very nice) Feels Good is situated across the canal. Good selection of spirits at the bar and a beautiful lady served us all night . But my point for sending this review was the Skuff , the Skuff was that good that I went back the day after to get some to take home, and guess what they had sold out, which meant I had to go to La Canna and buy their own inferior Skuff. Lets face it that's why people go to Amsterdam, excluding the artists.