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Durv from Netherlands. Sent 30 Jul 2008.
Excellent shop, they sell it all: mushrooms, seeds, bongs, grinders, salvia, energy caps, trip cactus, books about weed and about drugs, they even got yopu seeds, cannabis seeds, all kinds of papers, 0,01 gram scales, baggies and much more. Another cool thing about this shop is that they got a huge turtle and snake cool to watch. The staff is nice and know what he's talking about. Love this shop.
Yankee from Germany. Sent 6 Aug 2007.
Bought 35 g's of Thai here, which tasted absolutely horrible and did very little. Tasted like shit, but the shop was cool. They sell peyote, And have a snake, an iguana and another animal in display there, and on the other side of the shop is a video rental place.
Gregor from Germany. Sent 21 Jul 2006.
I recommend them because they sell somewhat larger portions of their 'shrooms (Hawaiian, Coloumbian, Mexican and Philosophers' Stones) than the other shops on the same street, but for the same price or cheaper. The only drawback is that often the cashier doubles as DJ there, so you sometimes have to wait to be helped, and conversation/advice is near impossible over the loud techno blaring on the PA.