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Reviews of Mississippi 12 2 8
Enrico from Germany. Sent 18 May 2009.
ID show. They shop is overrunned and their stuff good and expensive.
Jim from Spain. (living Belgium) Sent 16 Jan 2009.
Door guys were polite enough. They scanned my ID card and I don't know about the purpose. The music was just crap. Just like every coffeeshop I know. There was several brand screens with all the weed variety and prices. But the guy at the counter was not brand neither polite it all. He calculated on an old scale weight in a split second almost. And of course, I'd got less than other times in another places. And of course, I will never back there. It was my first time there, because his stupid cheater treatment, my last. So, if you don't want to be scammed, check another place.
Durv from Netherlands. Sent 30 Jul 2008.
First of all: they play "hardstyle" (search on youtube if you want to know what for music it is). The weeds they sell are: Misty, K2, White Widow, Amnesia Haze, Magic Haze and more. All the dope is well dried and good quality. The hasj is also good, but I more like the haze. They got good places to sit with ur friends and another good thing is: you can smoke tabak in ur joint.
Colin from USA. (living Belgium) Sent 2 Jan 2008.
There wasn't much disappointment from this one, as most people know of the shop. The prob was the quality and the staff. OK first of all how can they call it Super Skuff? It's green! Skuff isn't green! It's golden! Second, they used triple beam scales, which prove more accurate, but when ur weighing more than say 5g of something. They need digital scales. It don't fool me, that it takes .2 sec to balance it like they magically grab the right amount every time. Second, I ask to see the weed and they place it 1m away from me! How can anyone tell quality from 1m away?! That's BS, and bad lighting to even see wtf ur buying. This place only seems to win from convenience of parking at the Q. Wayyy too high prices for dry shaky weed. I want buds! This place is good for one thing, taking people's money who know nothing about weed except that it gets them high. Anyone who says White Widow is the best for any coffeeshop, clearly don't know what good smoke is. But they do know the basic good stuff for cheap priced weed. It's because the yield of White Widow is much higher than most other plants.
Pino from Belgium. Sent 2 Oct 2007.
To be avoided like syphilis. They sell bad quality at extremely high prices. Weed is always old and dry, and hash is just poison! I mean it: what they sell is not hashish. You don't believe me? Go there, buy 1gram of Afghan for 3.5eur, and burn it: now smell it. Does it smell like hashish or like burned garbage? You might say "ok but 3.5eur is really cheap, what did you expect? You got what you paid for ". Ok, then buy what they call "Super Polm" for 7 eur: same results, only it smells more like soap than garbage. (tip: you can buy Super Polm in every other coffeeshop for a cheaper price, it's fun to compare it with what they sell at the Mississippi). As if it wasn't enough, the dealers are very unpleasant. It's really a place for tourists, they base all their business on ripping off the people who are not very familiar with hashish and who won't come back anyway. There is not even one positive thing I can say about this place.
Homerro from Poland. Sent 22 Aug 2007.
One of the best coffeeshops I have ever met. Two floors, helpful staff, wide range of weed and hash at reasonable prices, the specific, very laidback atmosphere are things which make Mississippi the place undoubtedly worth seeing. The only disadvantage for me was the music on the down floor which immediately made me think of German techno so I had to go upstairs to take a deeper breath. Joints I bought there were rather poor but it is typical for ready made joints in almost all of the coffeeshops. I've bought also K2 (7 Euro for 1 gram) and Ketama (only 2,5 Euro for 1 gram!) and quality of both was really good - price of hash was so low that I supposed nothing special, but I was positively surprised. On the ground floor you get sweets for free, and all stuff you need to make a perfect joint - rolling papers, tips etc. Down floor is rather dark and a bit shabby - music there is completely different, there are a few TV sets, but what I can really recommend is the ground floor.
Yankee from Germany. Sent 6 Aug 2007.
Extremely crowded, I hated the fact that they scan your passports. The dealers weighed with weird scales. Bought Ketama for 2.5e/g. it was good, but I noticed that it is exactly the same hash that I can buy in Germany, so I thought that was pretty cool, exactly the same stuff, my dealer is known for going to Maastricht to Mississippi pretty often.
Kenneth from Belgium. Sent 21 Mar 2007.
It was last Wednesday when me and my friend arrived. It wasn't crowded, but still there were many people inside the shop. We moved directly on to the dealer's cabin, when you go down the stairs in the back of the shop. We were looking at the list and my friend ordered 2 grams White Widow (15E/2g) and 3 grams K2 (7E/gr). I ordered 5 grams of Afghan hash for 3.5E/gr. When we got our stuff and went to the back of the shop, I noticed my block of hash didn't look by far like 5gr, and that my friend got ripped off too. I know what 5 grams of pot look like, and this didn't came close one bit! There were a few buds in the bag, but most of the weed was a combination between mashed leaves and weed-parts. I wonder why the Mississippi has fun in ripping off foreign people and giving extras to the locals. I strongly insist not to visit this boat to buy your weed, you'll get ripped off, I know lots of friends who got ripped off too. Eventually, we rolled one joint in the shop and decided to "boycot" the staff by not buying anything to drink. What goes around, comes back around.
STH from USA. Sent 3 Feb 2007.
This is the other boat coffee shop. It is much larger than Smokey Boat. It has a drink area upstairs with small round tables. In the lower level there's a large weed counter and extended extra large booths with coffee tables in front. The weed was good, and the place was packed on a Saturday night. It's the largest coffee shop that I've been to so far. The music was good, and the booths were inviting. I enjoyed it. Rating: 9/10
SteviO from Belgium. Sent 20 Nov 2006.
Well, mixed-up feelings about this one. Prices are way too high. Good smokes, but overpriced. Next to the Smokeyboat, I'll prefer the Smokey. Prices only start @8 euros a gram for buds. Music is way too loud and only bouncing techno. For me there was no chilling @ this place (4/10)
Got lost in Adam (s+f) from Germany. Sent 9 Oct 2006.
We were there in 09/06, and several times before. Atmosphere there is always the same: loud trance music in the basement, different TV-shows, and the dealer didn't speak a word to us. That's not the prob, you can like or hate this place, but this time I checked the weight of the bought hash and got real f***** up! We bought 4g "Afghan (3€/g)" (don't do this it's really unsmokable - taste horrible and no high) and got only 3,5g! We also bought 2g of "Super Skuff (9€/g)" (it's okay, a bit too green, but nothing special) and got only 1,3g! I learned from this, that I won't buy there anymore, they're faker!
Courtjester from USA. Sent 15 Aug 2006.
Had some of the better deals in town and the boat offers a large smoking area. We smoked White Widow (2G/E13) and Maroc Gold hash (2G/E11) and were extremely pleased with both. Definitely recommend.
Andrew from USA. Sent 18 Apr 2006.
This was my first time going to a coffee shop and I was thoroughly pleased with the Mississippi. We went during late afternoon and there were quite a few people in there. We bought some refreshments at the top and then rented a bong (deposit 2 euro) and proceeded downstairs. I bought one gram of the White Widow and one gram of the Jack Herrer. My friend bought two grams of the Nepal Special hash and one gram of the Moroccan hash. We rolled a joint of the weed and then took bong rips of the weed mixed with hash. I thought I was used to some good weed in California but this stuff got me really high. They had a great techno playlist going and it made it all the better. Overall, the Mississippi was an amazing experience and I will definitely return sometime in my lifetime.
Julia from Germany. Sent 12 Apr 2006.
Has two rooms. I didn't like it there. The interior is rather nice (at least in the upper room), but the people weren't so friendly. Music was Pop in the upper room, a little loud, and Trance downstairs - very loud. Prices are normal, 5-12 €.
Kris from Belgium. Sent 5 Aug 2005.
The most commercial shop of Maastricht, therefore the less cosy. It's full of 'loud' French tourist, you can see and hear them from far with their Lacoste hats and polos - really annoying. I don't want to generalize, but it's a fact. They play rather bad music and it's way too loud. When they're unloading or loading the boat, the shop starts rocking and that's not very pleasant when you're smoking without a window to watch. I prefer the Smokey, the boat next to it, you get free chips and drinks are all for €1. I never buy in coffeeshops, the prices are ridiculously high, especially in Maastricht. €7 for one gram Haze LOL, when you can buy 11 seeds for €15, knowing you'll get more then 300 grams of it.
Ostra from Germany. Sent 17 May 2005.
I wonder how the really well comments came in here but we were really disappointed. 4 People in the Netherlands don't have to smoke 2-3 joints and 3-5 bongs to get something like high and there was something wrong. We bought "bio-weed" (the cheapest) "K6" "Shiva" "Jack Herrer" "Super Skuff" "Afghani" various others and 2 joints of this stuff only the Jack Herrer was acceptable (just a side note: there was piece inside the Jack Harrer bag to make it more heavy? I don't get it good piece though, dark and oily). First the two joints, unsmokable! Tasted like my old socks but not like weed. It was the same with the other weed and dope except the JH and the cheapest dope, the Afghani. We dumped 1 gram skuff together with the 2 joints in the ashtray because this was the crappiest of them all (9€!) and went to Rotterdam into a real coffeeshop. Don't go there - I'm honest (maybe the coffeeshop "Smokey" nearby - it couldn't get any worse than this one)
Guli from France. Sent 7 May 2005.
The only thing that I will add is music often too loud.
Steve from USA. Sent 3 Apr 2005.
Cool spot with nice and helpful staff (gave me a lighter when I forgot mine). Fair White Widow. Watched cops harassing some young guys outside.
Fabricefromparis from France. Sent 29 Jan 2005.
This coffee shop is the most funny one. The boats keep moving and make a weird feeling, when you look at things in movement all around the boat, and smoke pot at the same time. :) TV screen entertain crowd with 100% of gags from America funniest video, Jackass, thing's like that :) And some music and video also. Nice place to have fun. I love it!
Jelle from Belgium. Sent 25 Aug 2004.
It's very large very much place to sit, you get what you've paid for, the list of weed; Peace Maker, White Widow, NLX that's all I can remember.
CorwIn from Belgium. Sent 22 Jan 2004.
I only went there once. It was too crowded to sit down, but they have really good ready-made joints (one of their big ones sends you and two friends to Heaven and back), and their prices are very reasonable. If you go for the low-priced stuff, the Miss' is the place, too : they have a hash at 2.5€/gram (Ketama), not bad at all for such a price (I even prefer it to Tbisla, which is two or three times that price). Even their White Widow is in the cheap range (6.5€) --and feels real good! This is the next coffee-shop you'll go to, if you don't know it yet :-)
Michael from Germany. Sent 1 Sep 2003.
The Mississippi is situated next to another "coffeeshop-boat" named Smoky. Mississippi is said to be the biggest coffeeshop in Maastricht. Pretty crowded, noisy atmosphere. Average age about 20 years. Large menu to choose from. About six or seven weed varieties including K2 (€6,-), Jack Herer, Orange Bud and others. Some Hash varieties: Moroccan, Kashmir (€5,-), Manali, ... Some Pollen varieties and ready rolled joints of "Mixed Weed". Prices from 3,- Euros per gram on. Jack Herrer is €12,50 a gram. You enter the boat and walk by some security guys down some steps into the bar area of the boat. Drinks and snacks offered at the bar. About five tables with bar stools on them. Stepping down another stair you enter the (bigger) part of the shop where stuff is sold and people sit and smoke. Numerous tables with couches around them invite you to roll your joint and smoke. Bongs can be borrowed at the bar (€2,- deposit). TV screens are installed at the ceiling of this lower area showing old (funny?) TV stuff of people crashing with their bikes and so on. The menu is continuously presented on those screens, too. Busy atmosphere but you always find a place to sit. My recommendation: go there, it seems to be one of the most popular places in Maastricht.