closed coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Grasshopper Number of Positive Reviews 11 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 10
Negative Review DW from USA sent 17 Dec 2010
Only sold 2 grams or more at a time. Wouldn't be a problem with a group but definitely not ideal for one or two people wanting to sample lots of different strains from different stores. Not a huge issue though since the weed was pretty good and attractive looking. What was not good was the smoking location. It's a glassed in front porch that sits right in front of a busy street. It's like your smoking under a microscope! They also made me buy a drink if I wanted to smoke there. Definitely would not recommend.
Negative Review Micky W from UK sent 6 Jul 2007
What a shithole, overpriced drinks (6euros for a hot chocolate that ain't even got any do da in it) overpriced and bad weed, purchased 1.8gms of their own Grasshopper strain on recommendation of the dealer, bad smoke, very chokey and tasted bitter, the worst stuff I've smoked in the Dam by a long way. If you happen to be in the area and come across the place, cross the street and go into the Utopia instead, it's much smaller but much cheaper, friendlier and they wont rip you off. You have been warned.
Positive Review Catspa from Australia sent 15 Aug 2006
Its a little pricey but good weed is priceless. Had fun with the dealer there and the chicks behind the counter are pretty cool. Bought and smoked some White Widow there and was very impressed with the trance like feeling from the weed it was great, I definitely recommend this place for quality smoke with a relaxed and welcoming aura!
Negative Review Fiddilydee from Canada sent 31 Jul 2006
I walked in here waited in line for 2 or 3 minutes and then realized that at the time I was only looking for a gram, which was unpurchasable, the place was crowded with tourist types and the help seemed unpleasant so I peeled.
Positive Review TWoz from USA sent 3 Apr 2006
Nice place to chill when it's cold outside as you can watch outside thru big open windows up front. 1.5g of White Widow for 15 euros, pretty good for price. 2g of Kali Mist for 15 euros, nothing special. Very hot waitress!
Positive Review Stormsy from UK sent 16 Jan 2006
This place was recommended by everyone before I went so was a bit sceptical but I really like it. The dealer was a guy from York, he had a wealth of experience to pass on and was a good laugh. The bud is good and you can sit in a conservatory like room watching the girls go by.
Positive Review Gea from Slovenia sent 5 May 2005
That was the first coffee shop we visited and it was nice for start. The atmosphere was friendly, easy, and not so dark as usual is. The waitress was kind. We didn't know (beginners of course:) that we have to order at the bar and we were just sitting there in front of empty table, smoking cigarettes and waiting what will happen :) and she came, explain everything (what they have for eat, for drink, for smoke, where is toilet). We ordered just muffins and coffee with marihuana and white creamy coffee also with marihuana inside. Everything was tasty but after that we decided that we will just smoke since then. Maybe we just didn't eat enough.
Positive Review Grumpy from UK sent 5 Apr 2005
We stayed just up from this cafe, and made it the final stop each night on the way home. It is a more expensive cafe, but it goes with the area it is in (expensive or more up market hotels). But we found it a decent place to sit and chat before calling it a night, we found the conservatory at the front nice to sit in and watch the people and trams trundle past. The barmaids range from buxom, bubbly and polite to sullen, sulky type (more interested in chatting on the phone than to server) and barking at a guy from dropping a ciggie paper on the floor! Don't worry she only works there now and again! The weed was good, a decent enough menu, but it was a bit more than some places but can we complain about prices considering what we pay! On a down side you get served your weed from a guy behind a glass fronted panel, kind of takes away that personal touch and spoils it for me, so I only bought there once. Mrs Grumpy did mumble something about the toasties were excellent but I never managed to grab a bite.
Positive Review Tim & Amey from USA sent 23 Nov 2004
We didn't buy any weed here, only came in to escape the cold and get some lunch. Had a great latte with an even better cookie and some good sandwiches. It was a cool place to people watch, too. So, eventho we didn't buy any smoke, we had a ready roll and lit up after lunch. Found the place really comfortable, actually.
Positive Review Patrick from USA visited March '04; sent 6 Nov 2004
What drew me in was the seating to where you can gaze outside. Go up the stairs and press this button to light up the menu. Got the Jack Herer, and it was good. The drinks, gifts, and bud are a little on the expensive side. But to sit in the front the shop, and view the outside was worth it. Also took some coasters on the tables as souvenirs.
Negative Review Elton from England sent 27 Oct 2004
Both Grasshoppers epitomise the horrendous at it's absolute worst.
Negative Review Tom from England sent 19 Oct 2004
Overpriced and you sit round a table that reminds me of a tacky tea shop.
Neutral Review Craig from UK sent 6 Oct 2004
Expensive springs to mind, however, it's clear from the start that it's 'that sort of place.' The music is generally easy going with nothing too upbeat, which adds to the relaxing ambience set by the lighting and decor. The dealer twice advised me on wiser purchases, with the result being one of the tastiest smokes of the trip (Jack Herer). I guess my only problem with this place is that even with a fair supplement of cash in my pocket, I still never felt entirely comfortable enough to hang around for too long.
Positive Review Andy from UK visited Jul/Aug 04; sent 23 Aug 2004
Nice barmaid. Was keen to help and clearly fancied me! Hmm...another place to sit outside which was ideal in July. Drinks were average price (expensive), and weed was nice. I bought something there. But who knows what?! Nice bar/restaurant style seats inside. And you have to go to the bar to ask for the key to the toilet, which wasn't good when I took a huge No.2 in there, took the key back and then saw some girl go and ask for it knowing she'd just seen me walk out. Damn.
Neutral Review Mark from England visited 13-15/8/04; sent 17 Aug 2004
A nice shop, small menu but good choice, on the expensive side (commercial). But nice to sit outside and chill. Not bad.
Positive Review Greg from Netherlands sent 11 Aug 2004
This place is unreal, I have to admit I saw all tourists this day, inside and out. 100 percent good quality weed and hash, as it has for well over 10 years that I know of. The prices are about the same, this again depends on what weed, what size, and how much money you can afford. It's not cheap, at 3.00 euros for a coffee, that sets me way back, at the Chocolata the coffee is 1.90 and the tea is 1.40 I'm sorry but even in the poshest places coffee isn't more then 4.00 euros. Rates 9 out 10.
Negative Review Doody from USA visited May 26 - June 7; sent 20 Jul 2004
Was catching the last night bus at the Dam, stopped in for "a quick joint" had horrible service, and got hustled. I asked for a joint and the man said, "We only have packs of three, for 15 euro" I said, "OK, I'll take it." He went behind the stupid little "bank teller" window and then told me they only had packs of four joints. I was really angry, but wanted the joints for the journey home, so reluctantly, I got them, they were "White Widow" and not the best. My mates had some over priced drinks, served with a moan and a frown. Not a good experience at all.
Negative Review Anon. sent 28 Apr 2004
Yeah, I was in the Grasshopper last year and I highly recommend it, seats really comfy, weed was amazing (the best Northern Lights I ever smoked) but is not so safe, my wallet has been stolen once, by the staff members, ever since I got in the place I noticed they were planning on doing something really bad however I couldn't imagine that they were going to steal my wallet, a Chinese man saw they stealing my wallet and the staff refused when I came up to the bar to get some grass. I lost 200 euros and the picture of my grandma. Afterwards that I went to Barney's and someone dropped some coffee on my paints, not a very lucky day at all. By the way, the pictures on the wall were great on the other hand the vibration was very low. This year my friend Cleaner and myself are planning to go back to Amsterdam, but not to Grasshopper anymore.
Positive Review Ufuk from Turkey sent 31 Aug 2003
It was my second time in Amsterdam I really enjoyed. Especially with the help of Power Afghan & Skunk :) It seems the employees of grasshopper were very nice and polite. In my last day when I was returning to airport I would like to buy one pre-rolled joint because I was short of money. But they told me that they are selling minimum three packages. I think it is the only bad thing about Grasshopper.
Positive Review Anon. sent 8 Aug 2003
I can't believe the negativity on the " Hopper", I loved it. The buying booth downstairs was so cool. I got the Purple Sens, and it was plum pleasure baby. I think the booshi tourist should get in touch with their bohemian side and stop the Faun, Faun, Faun bashing of the head shop. You want to haggle on the prices, go to Compton. I say thumbs up Grasshopper.
Negative Review Pete and Stu from UK sent 20 Jul 2003
My god this place is shit. The absolute opposite to Homegrown Fantasy, this place is gaudy, poorly lit, way overpriced and totally commercial. Of course all coffee shops run to make money, especially off of tourists, but this place is ridiculous. We went there one time after Homegrown because it's just down the road, but never again! It was full of clearly clueless Americans (not to say all Americans are of course, but the ones in here were) and business-type men buying handfuls of pre-rolled joints. Not a good atmosphere. Needless to say, we swiftly left, never to return.
Negative Review Jeremy from USA sent 15 Jul 2003
Two words sum up this shop; rip off! From the street it looks like a nice inviting place although a bit commercial. Inside expect to pay outrageous rates for drinks and buds. After paying something like the equivalent of 4 Euro (it was all Guilder back then) for a Pepsi, I told them under my breath that they could stick the weed up their ass. Very clean bathroom inside though.
Negative Review Russell from Netherlands sent 29 Oct 2001
I just wanted to say that I would give minus infinity stars to the Grasshopper on Nieuwzijds Voorburgwal. It is nothing more than a cynical money making exercise trying to exploit tourists. We wanted a soft drink, a coffee and a joint. My gf ordered the drinks while I went for the joint (they would not give both in the same place, which always annoys me). I got to the weed counter and was told there was a minimum purchase of 5 joints! (for 30 guilders!) What!! I said no (the whole reason I wanted a joint and not a bag was because I was short of money), and they claimed that "it's the same in every coffeeshop". Bullshit! Obviously they are trying to rip off tourists who aren't aware when they're being bullshitted at. Then we tried to get our money back on the drinks as we weren't staying, but they refused. I could understand refusing to refund the coffee but why they could not refund an un-opened can of soft drink, still on the counter, is beyond me... so then we sat on the terrace and cut off the "Gr" from all their coasters :). anyway, a dodgy rip-off joint, just like many of the ones in centrum...