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coffeeshop Venray
coffee shop Halicarnas, Venray (Venraij), Limburg for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, picture
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Jesscass. Sent 12 Jul 2017.
Also one I heard lots of bad stories about but again found a modern and bright shop (another renovation?) Also similar in size compared to Switch. Too same funny opening times including lunch break on weekdays. Menu was also about 5 strains of wiet and hashwise two Moroccans. Was recommended Silver Haze (12€?/g) as I wanted to pick up some wiet and it looked better than the one from Switch so went for it; it was nice enough. Their best hash, Twizla (10€/g), looked reasonable as well. All weighed in front of you. Since it was also during weekdays I can't say anything about their usual traffic and quality in general but this time it was nice enough if you're not looking for super special gear.
Martyn from UK. Sent 20 Aug 2014.
I was visiting Venray and its coffeeshops for several years in the pre-weitpass days and always found them excellent. Today I re-visited Halicarna and was pleased to find the service and weed quality as good as ever. Personally Venray has two of the best coffeeshops in Limburg and I have never had poor weed from either shop.
Big-Y from Norway. Sent 7 Mar 2011.
A pretty chill shop with a decent variety of grass n' hash. Silver Haze being the most expensive one (12€). The weed was not the same as Amsterdam, but compared to Norway it was the shiet. They had a nice lounge area and cool music as well, a nice mixture of HipHop, Reggae and other random smoker friendly genres. The staff was not as hostile to tourists as I had heard they would be. I enjoyed my stay a whole lot :)
Jeroen from Netherlands. Sent 17 Sep 2004.
Often referred to as Hali by locals. Personally, I like this shop better. The music and atmosphere are more relaxed They also have around 5-6 types of weed (Santa Maria, Black Domina, White Widow, Mix, etc.) and a couple sorts of hash, no crazy quality, but good stuff. Also a soccer table/pinball etc. here. You can get your tobacco (if you want to mix it)/roach/paper and lighter at the bar if you forgot your stuff. Both shops are located in the same street, about 50-100 meters apart. There are two small casino type of places near them as well as a couple bars, a pizza restaurant and a snackbar.