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De Heksenketel

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Reviews of De Heksenketel Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Harvest Kid from Belgium. Sent 6 Jun 2008.
The Witch's Kettle in English was very nice. I went in and the storeowner welcomed me directly? I order my mushrooms (truffles and the mexicans) and some seeds (Yopo seecds) The truffles really tasted well and gave a good trip not too harsh, but not too soft neither. The storeowner was extremely nice and gave a lot of information about his wares and his stuff, he also asked me about safety (if I had someone to use it with instead of alone; certainly for the first times this was very important). He also recommended me a bad trip bag, which helps during a nasty trip, for just 1 euro! Perfect shop I would recommend it to beginner user and experienced users too. Not a single bad word about it. It was Friday afternoon and I was the only customer= no waiting line then.
Positive Review Hypnotic_noodles from Belgium. Sent 15 Jul 2005.
I've been here a few times, the owner is a smart and patient guy who knows his stuff (hence the nickname "Smarty"). And he is always willing to give you advice. A bit of a downside is that the more popular drugs like salvia are almost always sold out, due to great popularity I guess. So when you're in or near Sluis and looking for magic mushrooms, herbal XTC etc. this really is the place to be!
Positive Review MC Zaloezie from Belgium. Sent 31 Oct 2003.
I have visited "de Heksenketel" a few times, in fact, we're going there this afternoon. I'm very pleased with this shop, because the owner is very friendly and always willing to help his customers. May I suggest the "Truffels"? Two portions will do to have one hell of a trip.
Positive Review Carlos from Belgium. Sent 6 Sep 2003.
I went to Hekseketel a couple of times to buy 60g of mushrooms and I have always been satisfied. I suggest you to buy the Mexican ones for €11 for 30g and eat it all you'll definitely have a 5 to 6 hour trip. They have an amazing collection of bongs and the shop owner is quite friendly