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Klein maar Fijn

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Reviews of Klein maar Fijn Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Robert from USA. (living in Germany) Sent 4 May 2015.
I was there 3 weeks ago and the Rastafarian fellow grossly overcharged me. He would not speak English (and he does), he would not answer any questions, and he made it clear to me and the other persons there that he did not like Americans.
Positive Review Nat from UK. Sent 25 Oct 2013.
I shop here for 7 years. They are strict on age and you must have ID - they do not want to loose their licence. The rasta (owner) is not so friendly but the bald guy is really nice :-) They always have a good selection at fair prices and it is often busy - a 50/50 split of locals and non-locals. They are maybe 1 euro per gram more expensive overall than say in Nijmegen - but the place is ~OK and close. If you want to smoke inside you must buy a drink. Recommended :-)
Neutral Review Sophie from Canada. Sent 7 Oct 2011.
This place doesn't serve anyone under 21, and is very strict about ID. They were also clearly not impressed that I could not speak Dutch. I was floored by the age, a whole three years higher than expected. Has this become policy recently and I just missed the memo?
Positive Review RunFromRobots from USA. Sent 28 Dec 2008.
This coffeeshop is the closest to an American college program just to the north, and many times I took the bus there just to buy my 5g limit and head home. I got the impression that they despise American "drug tourism". These were the only black people I saw my whole time in the Netherlands, a country who greets "zwarte Piete" along with Santa-Claus, and I can't imagine how that atmosphere might feel. Anyway, the weed was just fine, better than the States, and cheaper. And they did sell "blunt" wraps, but I felt like the only person to have ever bought one there. (though it was moist and fresh) all the Dutch folks smoke spliffs. Anyway, the place is a charming dump, a hole in the wall which I will always adore, despite the bad additude.
Positive Review Nick from Netherlands. Sent 3 Nov 2003.
Prices are pretty high here, but the weed is pretty good. Interior looks quite rundown and crappy, but the atmosphere is great! Mainly because of the Rasta's that usually run the shop. Pretty nice to go there once.