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Loki from Germany. Sent 8 Mar 2010.
This coffee shop is very comfortable with friendly, English speaking staff that are helpful on what to do around the city. The herb selection varies from low to high grade but, if you are a loyal visitor to Maastricht, the selection doesn't change much. The smoking room is enclosed in glass so if you are not a smoker you can wait in the bar area and have a nice cup of soup, coffee or have something to drink while waiting for your partner in crime!
Jason K from Ireland. Sent 19 May 2009.
One of my favourite coffees in Maas. The music always lays out a calm, chilling atmosphere, and the smoking area is sort of sealed off with a glass frame. The bud has always been top quality and good value compared to a lot of the other coffees in the area. On my last visit i tried out the HPH Haze 11 E/g which has such a nice fruity taste and keeps you buzzing for hours, and the Jack Flash 8.5 E/g, which always seems to be a good buy. On top of everything, the dealer seems to be really helpful and if you got any doubts where to stop off after, he'll help you out, thumbs up for Maxcy's.
Enrico from Germany. Sent 18 May 2009.
ID show. It was a very good shop with very good materials and prices.
Magnum Laser from USA. Visited 21 Aug. Sent 22 Aug 2008.
The best Maastricht has to offer. Chill crowd, good budz, and decent prices. It has a low-key small-shop vibe and the music is usually very good. The Mrs. and I call it "our place." Take it to the Max~! (ask for a free sticker at the counter.)
STH from USA. Sent 3 Feb 2007.
Maxcy's is chill. It's a pretty large coffee shop, based around the large bar area. The weed's in the back, they have a few big tables for larger groups. They also have board games like backgammon that you're welcome to. Also their music wasn't too loud and the ambiance was laid back. I enjoyed it. Rating: 7/10
Anon. from USA. Sent 16 Nov 2006.
I really enjoy this place. On my last visit the dealer recognized me from my previous visit and gave me good advice on some really good smoke. The young lady behind the bar saw me lighting up my pipe and told me that if this was my "first time" I should be careful. The dealer heard her give me this warning and laughed and told her that I had been visiting Maxceys for years and had probably smoke more than everyone in the coffeeshop combined. Overall the menu is small but the quality is very good. A fine place to make a purchase, have an orange juice and smoke and then be on your way. Probably my favorite shop in Maastricht.
Patrick from USA. Visited 11 Nov. Sent 14 Nov 2006.
Nice shop (and I've been to dozens of shops). Clean, easy to find, and located in a nice pedestrian shopping area. The prices were to be as expected; € 5-15 per gram. There was a juice bar and places to sit for smoking and playing board/card games (games provided [in Dutch]). This pedestrian zone was a little up-scale which shocked me b/c most coffee shops are in either tourist spots or in shady residential areas. Also, right outside the door and to the left was a friendly and clean smart shop. I'll definitely drive back and do some shopping too. The only thing this place was missing was plasma TVs and Belgian beer. Underground parking garage located 100 meters south.
Jr. from USA. Visited Apr 06. Sent 16 Sep 2006.
Nice shop close to the train station. Can’t remember what I bought but remember that they had the best cured buds that we came across on our trip. Great hot chocolate too.
Courtjester from USA. Sent 15 Aug 2006.
Our first coffeeshop during a three-day stay in Maastricht, and possibly my favorite. We got the Shiva (1G/E7.50), which was my introduction to Maastricht's higher-than-Amsterdam weed prices. But one espresso and one cappuccino introduced me to the lower-than-Amsterdam drink prices - E2.50 for both. All in all, a very comfortable place.
Shelflife from USA. Sent 4 Jan 2006.
Maxcy's would be a great cafe to hang at even without the ganja. The sunny feeling inside is refreshing compared to many of the basement-style shops around. It is just off the street that you end up on when you get off the train, so it is easy to get to and there is a great health-food store a few doors down. The weed is quality for a good price, the service is excellent, good coffee, nice vibes, and dogs allowed. I would rate it best in Massricht.
Guli from France. Sent 7 May 2005.
Nice place, good weed, not too expensive.
Jip from Belgium. Sent 16 Dec 2003.
Maxcy's is located near the station. There you can find a lovely place with different entertainments. Weed: Santa Maria and K2 : good tastes, good prices. Games: scrabble, chess... Ambiance : rock, sympathetic barmaid Dogs admitted !