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coffee shop Maximillian, Tilburg, Noord Brabant for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, inside view, picture
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Positive Review Jesscass. Visited March 2018. Sent 8 Mar 2018.
This place had a renovation in the meantime and that took them to the next level in my humble opinion. More than ten years ago this place was a shithole of one room including a dealer behind the bar and a few barstools so basically pretended to be not a buy and fly place at that time. This changed as said completely; now it is a bright place with about twenty comfy seats in the back behind a sliding door (glass) and even with a small patio outdoors. Again, still amazed due to that change; it's a horse of different colour now! Quite a neighbourhood coffeeshop also. Don't know if all that change having to do with being a chain with two other coffeeshops in Haarlem but staff couldn't tell me for some reasons if it was taken over by the one from Haarlem or vice versa; though that place always was named Maximilian so a bit confusing here really. Anyways, menu roughly offered seven qualities each of wiet and hasj. Former one I remember two types of Gruis (shake), Mystery Diesel (14€/g) which came in new and Tangerine Dream (14€/g). Latter one was Blond (5€/g), Haze Block (10€/g), Tidighine (12€/g) and Moonrocks (40€/g). Their hash is pre-packed and mostly they offer two sizes while their wiet they will weigh up for you. Got me the Moroccan Tidighine which was a tasty piece of resin with nice enough strength and the Diesel which was an indeed nice enough mystery but too expensive and not tasting of said strain but somewhat fruity at least. Also when it comes to space food they offered sorta gummy bears containing 13mg of THC (whatever that means considering they are produced illegally in the Netherlands) each and are sold at 10€ for three of them if memory serves me right. All in all a nice impression and I will be back even though I'm still not a fan of chains.