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coffeeshop Breda
coffee shop Mediteranee, Breda, Noord Brabant for cannabis. Historical information about a closed business.
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Reviews of Mediteranee Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 3
Negative Review Dragon from Belgium. Sent 24 May 2007.
Closed at last! It will not open any more.
Positive Review Dinnetje from Belgium. Sent 13 May 2007.
I'm a customer for several years, always good service/quantity. Frequently closed in the last weeks, maybe for good now? Go to move one; trying out new shops now!
Neutral Review Dragon from Belgium. Sent 17 Apr 2007.
Will sell the weed at the bar no longer, going down to the basement! The bags are pre made so you never see the weight of your bag and you never know for sure that you're getting the weed you want.
Negative Review Tenzo from Belgium. Sent 29 Oct 2006.
This shop must be closed. They ask big money for weed that is not good. When you get weed there the dealers are not friendly and they give you a little bag of weed for every amount of money. Someone we know is friends with a cop down in Breda and he told us that this shop is working with the cops! Some days they give up the people that have bought their stuff, so the cops can get hold of you when you are leaving Breda. And a friend is one of the people that can tell this for real because this problem was did to him. At summer time this shop have some boys running out on the street to collect people for their shop! This is not good to know this about a shop! So people please don't go to this bad bad bad shop.
Positive Review Noe from Germany. (living in Breda) Sent 29 Sep 2006.
I love the area where they sell the weed, it's really "underground" ;) Weed is ok but for a constant buyer I'd go to other coffeeshops. You always get more than you buy (I bought 2 grams of p-haze and got 2.7grams for example). That's always nice :) Some of the dealer speak French and the bar is chilled.
Positive Review Wild CaRib00 from France. Sent 4 Aug 2006.
Le Mediterranée seems a little bit strange. You have to go down stairs behind the bar to enter in a small cellar. You have good hash for low price and hash for high price. The dealer often makes more than what you ask (I often get 5.3 to 5.7 when I ask for 5g and I pay for 5g :). You really should try the Bombay. Up stairs, just stop your narcotourist attitude and enjoy the great mint tea with your new joint :) You have tables outside in the backyard. Music is good, from reggae to African music. Staff can be cool or not, (I don't like the old guy :) but most of the guys are correct. I use to speak a few hour with them. Don't be afraid, come in :) you really should know le Mediterranée.
Negative Review Tenzo from Belgium. Sent 17 Jul 2006.
If you are visiting Breda please don't go to shop Mediteranee! The weed they sell is not good at all. The quality is so bad and the prices are so high, 6€ for Widow that is too bad to call it Widow and the Peasmaker 7€ is the same quality as the Widow. The people that are working there are not friendly at all. So for what we know Mediteranee is one of that kind that is only interested in your money and not in the quality or in the customers.
Positive Review Scott from France. Sent 8 Apr 2006.
It looks classy, a little bit like an American bar room. High tables surrounded by comfortable stools. High ceiling, arches, wooden scenery - very nice! The weed was good, a wide menu some good enough prices. It's quite hard to find this shop, as it is a little out of town. But well worth the visit and the stay!
Neutral Review kennyL from Belgium. Sent 3 Apr 2006.
In this shop the prices are very high for what your get. The stuff they got is not that good but their prices are very high. And don't think they are friendly! This is one of the shops that is never heard about good service. For example: one week you go there and their Super Skunk is 5€ the gram, then a week later you come there again the same weed is for 7.5€ the gram, then a week later the prices is back to 5€ this is playing with the money of the people and is not good for service. For 20€ you will get 2.5gram.
Positive Review Yoeri from Breda. Sent 13 Mar 2004.
Good shop, and for the real stuff you need to be in the cellar (not at the bar). You will need somebody to guide you to find this shop.