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coffeeshop Eindhoven
coffee shop Meetpoint, Eindhoven, Noord Brabant for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Meetpoint Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Neutral Review Dirty Uncle Ron from Germany. Visited 08-08-09. Sent 10 Aug 2009.
Stopped by the shop on Saturday at 11:00 and the place was locked tight. I am not sure why they were closed, didn't see anything posted on the outside.
Negative Review Belgian Smoker. Sent 11 Mar 2009.
I went a couple a days ago to this shop since the Wall was closed that day. I bought there 1.6 gr Brabants Wit, and 1.6 Kristal hash. The hash was great but the weed was very bad! It was outdoor weed with a little bit of indoor?! Never got such a rip-off in a coffeeshop before. For me this is a very bad shop!
Positive Review Dirty Uncle Ron from Germany. Visited 14-09-08. Sent 16 Sep 2008.
The customer service was outstanding, the staff was very friendly. Modern interior. If you give respect, you will usually receive it back in Kind (pun intended). The weed/hash offerings were adequate with excellent prices. I settled for the Amnesia Haze @ Euro 9.50 a gram. Excellent price for an excellent smoke. Some touristy shops are charging Euro 12 per gram, or higher. Highly recommended. One of my favorite shops.
Positive Review Linda from Netherlands. Sent 21 Jan 2005.
Good news! Meetpoint is opened again since a few months and brand new! Right next to the red lights of Eindhoven.
Positive Review Linda from Eindhoven. Sent 27 Dec 2004.
It recently opened its doors again. I don't know if the weed or atmosphere are good, cuz I haven't been there yet.
Negative Review Michael from Germany. Sent 11 Feb 2004.
Unfortunately, the coffeehop Meetingpoint has been closed by the government last November!
Positive Review Puncho from France. Sent 25 Jul 2003.
Nice & friendly, you could find rare weeds, and waitresses are welcoming.