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Burny from Germany. Sent 18 Jun 2008.
I visited this shop many time and it's by far the best in Venlo! First you have to make an account which costs 5euro. They offer great weed and hash, and have many choices, about 20sorts of weed and 10 sorts of hash in price range from 8.35euro to 15 euro! I tried their White Widdow, Super Skunk, Blueberry (all at 8,35 a gram) all were good! Also tried Master Jane, Yellow Bud, Dr Dude, (all at 10euro a gram) the diesel was nice at 12,50 for one gram, nice smell and good taste! The best weed were the Amnesia Haze, Nitro and Wicked Haze at 15euro a gram. Also tried some hashes: Diamond, Afgan Polm and Nepal temple balls, Nepal temple was the best, but Afghan polm is very nice to 1.3g for 10euro!
Dan from USA. Sent 14 Feb 2008.
Nobody's Place is a great shop in that it offers excellent quality weed. I have been to a number of coffeeshops all over the Netherlands and this shop takes the cake for quality. Although you have to register and become a member, it is only a 5 euro deposit and you get it back in weed on the next visit so it is really no big deal. The staff is also very friendly and helpful. The shop is a 3 minute walk from the train station and has a lot of windows so it is pretty bright during the day. The clientele is about 90% German. The shop was pretty full on the day that I went there and the only Dutch people there were employees. Being able to speak German is a huge plus at this place. The only complaint I have about the shop is that the weed is quite overpriced. I paid 25 euros for 2.5 grams of Sticky Fingers, which was of great quality, but even more expensive than at some places in Amsterdam. That said, I still recommend this place to anyone looking for the highest quality herb in Venlo as well as anyone who lives close to the Netherlands-Germany border looking to pick up a quick stash.
Mexican Man from Germany. Sent 16 Jan 2008.
Very small coffeeshop. You have to make an account for 5 €. Then you got a card (blanco card. Looks like an EC-card completely in white) for buying weed in this shop. But next time you go there you get your 5 euro for the card back in weed. That's pretty cool. They also got presents for members. At Christmas I got there 1,2gramm grass for free. And on Nobodeys Place birthday I got a very cool ash tray from them. The drinks are very cheap. 80 cent for a Coke or something like that. 50 cent for a big Kit Kat. And they got lots of sorts of weed and hash. And is very good quality. Last time I was there they had 15 sorts of hash (Bubbelgum, Nepal, Tempelballs, etc.) and 15 sorts of weed (White Widdow, Blueberry, Shiva-Skunk, Snow-White, etc.) a very got shop. I think it's the best shop in Venlo.
Karsten K. from Germany. Sent 8 Sep 2007.
In my view Nobody's Place is not a good coffeeshop. Many sorts of weed are sold out every time I went there and they are getting more and more expensive. Nobody's says that's because the prices for clean weed got much higher. I think that's just the half-truth. Why can you get weed much cheaper and from a better quality in Venray (just about 15 minutes away by car) which is nearly every time available? I think Nobody's just wants to earn more and more money. I don't like the shop - I feel cheated by them.
Ladysmoke from Netherlands. Sent 6 Jul 2007.
It's an old nice coffeeshop with the best weed in town. You have to register once, but after that you can just come in and buy when you're around. I've never had better haze in my life.
Pawel from Poland. Sent 16 Jun 2007.
This place is nice! I liked it. Around 10 tables. Nice stuff. To buy you have to make an account (5€ - you get it back at the second attendance). Many sorts of hash. Recommendable!
CoupleOfGermans from Germany. Sent 2 Feb 2007.
In this one you have to pay for an account, around 15€, otherwise you can't even buy a coke or sit on a table. There are many sorts of weed and hash and the atmosphere is nice. Only bad thing about it is, that it's very full on the weekend.
Marcus from Germany. Sent 31 Jan 2006.
The best weed in town, along with the best choice of weed and hash, roughly two dozen variants of each. The weed is trimmed very nicely, dust-dry so you don't pay for water and very resin-rich. Hash includes everything up to Ice-o-Lator and prices are comparable to the other shops. They are quite self-confident: For Christmas '04 they gave away magnifiers with light, so punters could check the quality better. The shop has very strict rules and they will politely ask you to leave if you violate them, e.g. use your cellphone. You have to register with your passport / ID and pay 5€. Next time you go there, you get your 5€ in weed and your card. Strange procedure, but their weed is definitively worth it, among the best quality I've experienced in all of NL, including Amsterdam. The shop is located directly behind the main station, so it's a good choice if you go to Venlo by train.
Badboy from Germany. Sent 12 Dec 2004.
The shop is small and quite old, I know a lot of people visiting it and saying it's far the best shop around. I personally do not like it!