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The Paradise

coffeeshop Hilversum
The Paradise
coffee shop The Paradise, Hilversum, Noord Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of The Paradise Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass. Visited June 2018. Sent 10 Jun 2018.
Medium big place with about forty comfy seats and a Moroccan theme. Wiet menu offered about four uninteresting old school strains and about four types of Moroccan hashish as well. All pre-packed. Prices for hashish were ranging from 5€ to 7,5€/g for their best, Honing. Nice enough hashish but there are better options in town for resin.
Positive Review Robert from Hungary. Sent 30 Oct 2011.
Very good shop. People are very friendly and helpful there. The atmosphere is relaxed and you won't get a feeling of not being welcome or sitting about in a shady uncomfortable place. The products are of a very good quality and the prices are fair. We were made a special deal, buy 3g and get 4g which was to our fullest satisfaction. I personally would recommend the "Weisser Hai" (Great White Shark) which was a very smooth and relaxing smoke. Although one of us was laughing for an hour until he fell asleep! :D 5 out of 5 Hemp Leaves for that shop. Apparently it's really better to go to shops outside of Amsterdam, since you won't get robbed there and foreigners are more welcome and not treated like mass customers or cattle if you will.
Positive Review Doody from USA. Sent 10 Aug 2009.
Love the coffeeshops in these smaller towns. Hilversum is a fun place, I was performing at the "Alive Festival" and found "The Paradise" down a few twisty streets, not too hard to find. A spacious shop with a fish tank, cushioned seats at small tables (comfortable), good tunes on a kickin' sound system, lots of board/card games available, a Pac-Man machine, very clean, and overall a pleasant vibe. The menu is on an electronic screen behind the counter as you walk in. It had 7 wiet and 6 hasj choices available. I was already loaded down with several samples, so all I got was the puur pre-rolled joint for 3.50 euro, but everything looked really good. The service was very friendly, patrons very nice and chatty, find this place when you are in town.
Positive Review Maaike from Netherlands. Sent 16 Jan 2007.
This coffeeshop has a new owner, a new look, much more room to relax and a very friendly atmosphere. The weed and hash they sell are from very good quality, mostly the smoking papers and filtertips are free. They have 2 TVs, 1x Arcadegame They sell fruitdrinks, sodas, good coffee and a lot of tea blends, chocolate and candy and there is a peanutmachine. A good place to smoke and fly.
Positive Review Wouter from Netherlands. Sent 9 May 2006.
They are friendly and always prepared to give good prices. When you come there often (like me) sometimes you get free stuff like paper and cigarettes.
Positive Review Phrixion from USA. Sent 26 Jul 2005.
When you walk in there is a bar to the left and high tables in the front and normal tables in the back. There is a bar pool table towards the back, in front of the bathroom. I asked for the best weed he had, which he pointed out was the Kush. I purchased 10 Euros worth and made two large joints (with no tobacco) which I smoked there by myself and was comfortably high. It was decent weed. I much preferred the Snow White or Great White at Andorra. Located basically in Hilversum Centre, there seems to be more of a bar/club atmosphere at De Salon (which is next to a few nice bars in fact!), nice for a small city like Hilversum.