coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Popeye Number of Positive Reviews 19 Number of Neutral Reviews 4 Number of Negative Reviews 3
Negative Review Rafiki from Germany sent 10 Jun 2019
In a street with neighbouring coffeeshop chains you could expect better. The shop has limited seating to avail.
Positive Review Barfkoswil sent 2 Oct 2016
Nice vibe, weed OK, pretty staff and interior on two levels.
Positive Review Davy Kushman from USA sent 28 Jul 2015
Very nice place! Great selection and really comfortable cafe! I liked the decoration and music. The staff was very friendly.
Positive Review Amirsh1 from Israel sent 26 May 2015
I was there about a week ago. Very accessible location - 5 minutes from central station. At the counter very nice and smiling bartender. I got the Jack Herer and was super satisfied. It come slow but very uplifting and controllable high. I also tried their White Widow - excellent! The place in nice and small with two stories with tables and chairs. The music in the background was pleasant and not loud. The atmosphere was great - complete opposite from the big and familiar places - be who you are. Just people: sitting, drinking, eating, smoking and enjoying themselves. Nice herbal tea also. I will definitely will be back next time.
Neutral Review Half-Pickled-Turnip from UK sent 17 Jan 2011
Paid 15 euros for 1g of Pink Kush and was really disappointed. My draw had a big stick running through it and it was pretty crispy. I'd expected a much fruitier flavour but maybe that's just me. On the other hand it did merk me! Not that great in there felt like maybe I got ripped off coz a blatant tourist maybe. Whole shop felt tacky incl the music.
Positive Review Micky W from UK sent 15 Oct 2009
Bang opposite Dampkring 2 is Popeye, a shop over two levels with the dealers/drinks bar in front of you as you walk through the door. Purchased a gram of my favourite bud of them all, White Widow, tasted just right and hit the spot. When I got it the budtender insisted I have a toke on his pipe of peace, a hookah with some kind of bud in it. A nice touch I thought. My mate asked to smell the Pink Kush, at 15euros a gram it was pretty expensive but he smelled the bud and got a gram. Now my mate is a heavy stoner and after half a spliff of the Pink Kush he was completely wasted. I had a few tokes myself and it doesn't taste as strong as something like Super Silver Haze but it hits you really hard. Very unexpected from such a pleasant mellow tasting bud. Internet available on the top level as well and a good drinks menu, a very nice little shop. Recommended.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 18 May 2009
Their owner is a very freaky cool guy. You become a shisha with a mix of them sorts when you come in and a very cool atmosphere. The breakfast is good. They have good stuff and is not so expensive.
Positive Review Joanne from Scotland sent 1 Apr 2008
Tried their Bubblegum, it was really nice. Staff seemed friendly enough, offered my boyfriend a smoke of the peace pipe.
Neutral Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
This place was kinda fun looking so I went inside and bought some "Red Bud" which actually had tons of red hairs so I bought it right away. Upon closer look it had virtually no crystals visible, and was very leafy, smokes thick and tastes bad, harsher hits, 7.50E/G The "White Shark" wasn't very good for the price as well.
Positive Review Kingsp4de from USA sent 15 Dec 2007
I liked this place, checked it out because I wanted 2 try the Pink Kush, well it wasn't really that worth it. It was 15 euros an it wasn't that green looking, kinda darker green, if brown, and kinda stringy, not what I thought it'd be, I asked 2 see it but here's the scam lol. It was under display on their microscope and they only had like a hits worth on display, not enough for you 2 even tell how good it looks or smell, an all dank look's good under a microscope so I decided 2 buy it just 2 check it out. The high wasn't all that great but other then that this place was very chill, I liked it alot in fact, they had an upstairs or downstairs chill-lounge that had pictures and paintings all over the walls. Their AK-47 was only 6.50 euros but kinda looked pre-mature. But it's a good place because my brother lost 50 euros inside an we left, and went 2 the new Greenhouse and chilled an 10 minutes later my brother realized he lost it an went back 2 Popeye's and they asked if he was lookin' for something an gave it back 2him. What a good and trusting place. And they also offer you a hit or 2 off their peace pipe as you walk in. It's just weed so don't worry.
Positive Review Grumpy from UK sent 29 Jan 2007
Visited for the first time, it is opposite Pink Floyd, Not a bad place really, maybe a little pushy when it comes to buying weed, but if you are like me, they can be as pushy as they want I just don't give a damn. On the plus side we order a couple of coffees while I had a look at the menu and got handed a hookah with a load of grass to try while I was looking at menu, and damn fine it was too! Took my time reading that menu! I tend not to make comments on what I find as everyone has different tastes in what cafe style they like, this was not for me, too busy, too noisy and uncomfortable for an old geezer like myself.
Positive Review Brian H from Ireland sent 26 Sep 2006
Nice little place to visit. I got some cheap Purple Haze in there. Was nice enough to smoke in there. Was near the hotel that's why we really checked it out. If in the area give this place a look. No harm in that.
Neutral Review Enrico from Germany sent 26 May 2006
It's open again. Not visited.
Negative Review Enrico from Germany sent 8 Jan 2006
He was a DIN A 4 paper on the door: Why problems closed.
Negative Review Osteraffog from UK sent 26 Sep 2005
I thought their policy of having to buy weed/hash to stay in was a little unfair, decor looked OK but couldn’t tell that much about it, unless you are going to buy weed from there, don’t go.
Positive Review Natasha and Eddie from UK visited 1-8 May 05; sent 24 May 2005
We had visited previously over Christmas 2004, when we were staying very close to Haarlemmerstraat and must have walked past this place so many times. It's right opposite Umma Gumma (Pink Floyd). Fortunately on our last visit we spotted the happy breakfast sign and decided to give it a go. In a word - fantastic - and for €9.50 an absolute bargain, full English plus orange juice, with the added bonus of a generous sprinkling of Snow White! (without the sprinkle it's €7.50) On Sundays they have a happy hour which finishes at 12:30 when you can get a gram of any weed for €5. We got the Snow White which was so good we polished it off within a few hours. The owners are really lovely and friendly, and the artwork on the upper level is very cool. Upstairs is nice and bright, downstairs is dark and sultry. It was never very busy when we were in there so it was a good place to chill out.
Positive Review Mike Z from USA visited April 05; sent 27 Apr 2005
Small and dark, yet comfortable and friendly. Decent smoke.
Positive Review Uncle Ghost from England visited Feb 11-14; sent 18 Feb 2005
Very nice coffeeshop. Some of the best prices for weed and hash I have seen anywhere in central Amsterdam. Plus they have a happy hour on Sundays where all weed is half price (can’t remember what time though, sorry!) Bought ‘Snow White’ weed here, which was a good smoke. We ended up in the downstairs area which had some really cool artwork on the walls, and the seating was comfy enough to stay for a couple of joints. Staff were friendly and the music ambient and chilled. Nice!
Positive Review April from USA visited Aug 04; sent 9 Dec 2004
I would like to say that I loved Popeye. It was my favorite coffee shop in Amsterdam. I was there for 2 weeks in August. My favorite part of it was the owner who was very friendly and talked with me quite a bit, and even gave me and my fiancee a little tour of some of the cool buildings around the shop. He and the bartender also took great time to tell us cool things that were happening in the area and how to get there. My first time there was late at night on the way to the hotel we wanted to get some smoke to take with us, they were just closing up but he let us in and sold us some anyway, very cool! The shop itself is small but had a cool interior. The lowest level was Indian-like with murals, silky pillows, and candles and the main level had a smoke and drink bar with a microscope to view the smoke of the day. The upper level was cool with a blacklight around the ceiling and more tables and candles. The smoke was especially tasty and not expensive. I visited over 50 shops and found myself going back to this one over and over. It will be the first shop to visit when I go back to A-dam. Don't forget to check out the happy breakfast prepared with White Widow, delicious.
Positive Review Patrick from USA visited March '04; sent 6 Nov 2004
Near Barney's and it has a large St. Bernard welcoming you as you come in. I sat on the bottom floor where the painting will keep you looking for the time. Nice and comfortable atmosphere.
Positive Review Dave from Wales visited Oct '04; sent 31 Oct 2004
Good for writing. Went on the top level in the morning and had a ready rolled with my breakfast. Strong is not the word. I thought I'd have to get a stretcher out of there. What stood out was the professionalism of the Indian Guys who ran it. I think they were Indian. Forgive me! No Messing, straight down the line. V Interesting.
Positive Review Webber from N. Ireland sent 16 Apr 2004
Good menu, I noticed that they had Ice-O-Lator hash, didn’t get any though. Sat down underneath. A young couple on holiday from Israel seemed very interested in us and asked to have their picture taken with us; I figure they must have thought we were famous or something.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 26 Jan 2004
Recommended to us in Dokkum. It's a three level shop. Comfortable, roomy, with one area devoted to computers (prices reasonable for internet access). Prices are typical for that neighborhood (well not as high as Barneys) and quality fine. Didn't seem to have the tourist vibe as many Amsterdam shops have.
Positive Review Wayne from England (living in Ams.) sent 15 Aug 2003
Popeye is one of my favourite coffeeshops in town. If like me cash is a little short, you should make the trip to Popeye on a Sunday morning for their "Smokey hour". All weed is € 5 a gram!!!!! I advise you to bring some ID as the over 18 policy is strictly enforced (rightly so). And remember - leave some weed for me...
Positive Review Colin from Scotland sent 6 Aug 2003
Good smoke, try Isolator, it's 23 euro a gram but well worth it. Got asked for ID even though I'm 27 but anyway check it out. Across the street from Pink Floyd. Well worth visit.
Neutral Review K.C. from USA visited 3/12-3/18; sent 21 Mar 2003
I'm surprised no one has at least commented on this Harlemmerstaat shop. It's right across the street from Pink Floyd. For some reason, whenever I got to A'dam, I always have to go here to use the internet and buy a pre-rolled. The shop isn't really that great, but I like the fact that the computers are in a little separate room underground.