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coffee shop Piramide, Bussum, Noord Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, email address, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Piramide Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass. Visited June 2018. Sent 10 Jun 2018.
Modern and relatively bright shop, quite clean and professional, polite staff wearing working clothes et cetera. You enter the shop and there is a counter in the back and a small bar as small area behind glass for smoking. Latter one fits fifteen seats but even though a bit dingy they're at least comfortable. Big menu with about fifteen strains of weed as Cheese (14€/g), White Fire OG (13€), Headbanger (15€/g), 24K, Chemdawg (11€/g), Crystal Haze (12€/g), Amnesia (10€/g), hilariously named White Amnesia (11€/g), White Widow (9,5€/g), Power Plant (9€/g), Skunk (small buds, 7€/g) and Hawaian Snow (12€/g). What I found impressive was the fact they had about six to seven sorts of Asian hashish on, all in all about sixteen options all together including resin from Morocco obviously. Remember Platinum (12€/g), Gadisha (13€/g), Mazar (7€/g), Afghan#1 (14€/g), Himalayan Gold (17€/g). There was also a folder with results for looking up percentages of cannabinoids of sold wares as they supposedly are lab tested. While this is nothing new and debatable in an illegal coffeeshop context it was interesting to see the results (including all sort of data as terpenes involved, too) to some degree. Though of course I don't overrate it as in the end they're just numbers and not so important for the general drug experience. Though it was funny to see that supposedly Temple Balls are tested with low THC percentage while some handrubbed Parvati had 1[one]% THC but therefore about 10% THC (a) because of being sorta live resin. They have their label printed on every bag they sell you, also stating in Dutch 'Smoke consciously, in moderation and for your own pleasure' which I think is in theory good intention but in context here I just hope they act as responsible as they appear here when they track down the best gear on the unregulated black market. However, opted for a recommended bit of blondish Moroccan Platinum ('40% THC, 24% CBD') which looked better to me than their Gadisha coming from the same country. Although it felt more like gold to me it nonetheless was a nice smoke. Even got me something off the Afghan#1 and saved it for a wake and bake for obvious reasons; usual disappointment then with mediocre strength even though their analysis showed 26% THC along with 13% CBD. A mate even ordered their Utta Kashmir (sp, 15€/g) which I tried as well for an other morning just to find out that their supposedly 45% THC along with 11% CBD again is not doing it for me; one day I'll probably find a descent example of Asian hashish after all these decades strengthwise. Budtender also showed some tubs of tiny buds of Headbanger and better looking White Fire OG to me while recommending the latter one. Personally nothing special to me but up to the standards of so called high grade weed at coffeeshops these days. Nice enough place but a bit expensive which probably has to do with their monopoly as being the only shop in this small town but could be way worse.
Positive Review Dim from Greece. Sent 1 May 2015.
Very nice shop with smoking area and huge menus of good quality products. If you're in Bussum-Hilversum go there!
Positive Review Keefthebeef from UK. (living NL) Sent 18 Jul 2013.
Totally refurbished this year, lots more space and a very open feel. Decorated with an "Egyptian" feel but not like some tacky theme bar. The smoking counter is now separate from the bar. Lots of through traffic of people buying and you can usually find a seat. Due to its location you don't get any tourists like in Amsterdam or other large towns/cities. The staff are always friendly and speak English. I only smoke hash and they have a good selection across the price range, pollens and black hash. Between 8-10 different varieties that are constantly changing, the same for weeds. They no longer sell by the bag so that is also good- you can specify how much you want to spend. For example, sometimes I wish to buy just a couple of joints worth of the top end hash so I can say I want 5 euros worth- you don't have to buy a whole gram. Digital scales that the customer can see so you know you aren't being ripped off. I always buy here now even if I'm going out in Amsterdam with my mates that live there. The only minus point that I have is that it is only open from 6pm on Sunday's, but then Bussum itself appears to be closed on Sunday.
Positive Review Dim from Greece. Sent 13 Apr 2010.
Top coffee! One of the best all over Holland! Extremely good products. A little bit expensive but worth every euro you give. Go there!
Positive Review Bob from Hungary. Sent 21 May 2009.
I was really impressed by Piramide in Bussum. The hash they call Piri's Pride is the best I smoked the last decade. Clear and long lasting high. Excellent aroma and taste! All the weed is biological, incredible haze, superior White Widow. And the prices are more than fair. Good coffee and tea, fresh flowers each day, beautiful lady's in the staff who know how to create a nice and friendly atmosphere. Real connoisseurs sell the hash and weed, I think it's one of the best shops in Holland!
Positive Review Doody from USA. Sent 22 Oct 2008.
Back in June I stayed in a house in Bussum for 4 days. It was more so used as a base for other travel around the country, but I spent every morning and alot of other time at the Piramide Coffeeshop. Funny I say mornings, as it doesn't open till noon each day, and 6pm on Sundays. As far as I know this is the only shop in town, between both train stations, 10min. walk or so at most from either. The front is all big windows, and there are more big windows in the back corner of the shop, letting in lots of light, but not too much with the way they have the curtains and plants hung. There are plenty of wood tables with fairly comfortable wicker chairs. At the back is a long, modern style bar with stools, this is where the wiet and drink menus are. The wiet menu is very nice, with 9 wiet choices, and 6 hasj choices. The pricing is interesting, they do "small" bags of any choice .5 gm. for 5 euro, and "large" bags of any choice 1.2 gms. For 12 euro. I tried the "Mako Haze" and the "Marley's Best," both top notch, but the "Marley's Best" was superior, a must try. The ambiance of this place was amazing, a very accommodating staff, one or two dogs resting or playing about, lots of plants, fresh flowers on every table, folks playing backgammon, chess, and pop-it, very artistic, sculpted lights especially the big one at the bar, and the metal chandelier. There is a big Buddah statue on one wall with candles and incense. Music wise they were playing a nice mix; everything from trance electronica, to Reggae, to jazz, and rock. While I was there they installed a big screen- projection TV so they could all watch the European football championships, they pull down a large screen then put it away, very unobtrusive. Down a small side street, easy to miss, look for the flag flying outside the front door. I really had a great time at this shop and in Bussum overall, check it out. A very comfy and inviting shop, friendly patrons, good wiet and hasj, excellent cappuccinos, what else do you need?
Positive Review Donkeykong from Germany. Sent 6 May 2008.
Top grass and hash, various sorts, prices are ok, nice people, loud music, 10 min to walk from station "Bussum-Zuid".
Positive Review Satisfied Visitor from Germany. Sent 31 Jan 2004.
Top shop! 100% Bio Grass only, and a various hash list.