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Reviews of Rif Number of Positive Reviews 2 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Jesscass. Sent 17 Dec 2011.
Shut down.
Neutral Review A dude from Belgium. Sent 20 Sep 2009.
Owners are not that friendly. It is rather expensive and not that cozy to hang out. Very good tastin Buddha cheese though.
Neutral Review Skabouter from Belgium. Sent 19 Apr 2009.
Nice and friendly Arab shop with a good menu. When you enter, the budcounter is in front of you, so you don't have to enter the bar part of the shop just to pick up. First time I went there just bought a gram of polm (6,5 €/g). Good little chunk, with a great high effect. The time after that I bought 5 grams of Orange Bud (7€/g but you get a 2,5€ discount on a 5g bag). My new favorite (normal) bud. Excellent quality, good taste and an even better effect. However, the shop itself is dark and not that inviting.
Positive Review Bassjunky from Belgium. Sent 2 Apr 2009.
Nice shop, not a very big offer but they have good stuff, and it has a cosy coffee-part too, another advantage is that it's only about a 100meters from Toermalijn, so you can take 2x 5grams (since only 5 isn't really worth driving for :p) Recommendations: NYC Diesel, White Widow.
Positive Review Johan from Belgium. Sent 5 Sep 2008.
Rif, as the name already suggests, is a very Arab oriented shop. The staff is Moroccan (or Arab at least) and so is the clientele. After entering the saloon-type doors, you enter a nice, clean shop that invokes the atmosphere of a Moroccan tea house. Staff is kind and they know their business. The menu consists of about half a dozen weeds and half a dozen hashes. All typical varieties are present (Haze, White Widow,...), as well as a few less common varieties (like the Orangebud for example). Quality is very well to excellent, even for Tilburg standards, which are imho already remarkably higher than in most other areas in the Noord-Brabant province. On the downside, their prices are high too. On average one could say that their prices are about 0.50EUR higher than in the other shops. You do get a 2.50 EUR discount on 5gr bags though. Overall I like the shop and their merchandise. Perhaps not my overall favourite in Tilburg, but well worth a visit nonetheless.