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Reviews of Mr K & Co Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Neutral Review errorterror from Germany. Sent 23 May 2018.
Mr. K is located in the Jordaan area and is a nice little coffee shop. Great atmosphere and above all not crowded! The budtender was also very nice and hard-working. However I didn't like the weed, although great varieties to choose from, but only small stuff and no nice buds. I chose the Mango Haze hash rather. One floor up is a nice room with a sofa to chill out, which was very comfortable. I can recommend the shop only conditionally, because I did not like the weed. For good weed I prefer Grey Area or Voyagers.
Negative Review Thomas from Scotland. Sent 22 Oct 2011.
We went there last week and it was closed, the building has been totally emptied and stripped down to a front and back wall, the budtender has another junk shop 30m away but this was also closed (this is not a coffeeshop though). This was terrible news. My family have been visiting this coffeeshop for the last 8yr and found it to be the most relaxing coffeeshop we have ever been in. The weed always was slightly cheaper than everywhere else in centrum, you have to ask for the budtender's recommendation as to what she thought was good - we were never let down. Although some thought her a bit cantankerous, you couldn't meet nicer people. I have spent many evenings here - fell asleep a few times. I was always well looked after, the budtender, her Ghanian husband and the locals who are always there will be sadly missed, I hope they open another coffeeshop soon. I asked her husband what sanamantereng meant - he said it was a beautiful area he knew in Ghana called Sanamanter, when he thought about it he was sanamantereng! When I think of the good times we've had in their coffeeshop we must be sanamantereng-eng ourselves!
Negative Review Ink_Finger from UK. Sent 1 Feb 2011.
Visited Sanementereng a few days ago, as had read favourable reviews on this site and liked the sound of it. Could be a brilliant little cafe, but the budtender was just short of hostile and the weed was poor; bought some Viking Bio and Silver Haze and there wasn't a bud to be found - all dust. Shame, the Viking Bio could have been lovely, had it not been crumbs. Not sure why the service was so very unfriendly - but from the outset she treated us as though we'd just gatecrashed her flat and smoked all her herb. Again, such a shame, as the cafe itself is awesome - stuffed with all kinda of hippy tat. Could have spent hours in there, but, alas, I like nice weed and feeling welcome, both of which we found round the corner at cafe 1e Hulp instead.
Positive Review Wackness from UK. Sent 24 May 2010.
This place was a gem and very memorable shop with probably the best atmosphere in Amsterdam. The items cluttering every corner of the shop just give it this unique feel. The budtender, a very nice lady, was much more relaxed than some of the other budtenders I had met and sold me a gram of some nice tasting hash for 6 Euro which was quite tasty. We all sat around a very stoned cat and enjoyed everything this place had to offer. Will definitely be going back on my next visit.
Positive Review Hippy Pippy from England. Sent 12 May 2010.
Found this little gem whilst lost in Jordaan, absolutely full of junk that was over priced but great to browse whilst enjoying one of their pre rolled spliffs. The upstairs was rather rickety but very fun. Spot the cute cat asleep amongst the junk if you can. Great for some weird photo's. Definitely a good spot for a quick smoke and refreshments if you're a little lost.
Positive Review Doody from USA. Sent 10 Aug 2009.
What an extraordinary little shop located in the Jordaan. A coffeeshop and a flea market in one, more of a locals place, out of the way. Three small levels connected by small staircases (be careful), items for sale all over the place on the upper two levels, and a small seating area and beverage bar on the street level. The menu was very nice with 10 wiet, and 6 hasj choices. The wiet menu has local types, and also offered some African, and Ghanian wiet. The "Power Plant" (4.50e/.5gm) was very good. The hasj menu was Marocan and Lebanese in origin. Good place to hang, friendly service, excellent beverages, really good music; African and Brazilian, internet, some food; tostis and broodjies, very unique shop, check it out.
Positive Review Smokestaxlitenin from USA. Visited July '08. Sent 7 Jan 2009.
A hippy joint in the Jordaan area. Like a little flea market. Crap everywhere. But run by a sweet lady who knows her bud. Started the day with some NY Diesel @ 11 eu/g. Nice way to start things off. Had some yummy tea, too.
Positive Review Sockcooker from UK. Sent 3 Jun 2008.
I was in this shop the day after Queens Day 2008 and the grannie that runs it was recovering after far too much celebrating. Way to go Granny! You're not dead yet! A few African fellows came in, they were all from Senegal and came there as the granny/hippie sells some awesome imported West African weed. Some lovely African music on the stereo, Salif Kieta, Issa Bagayogo, Ali Farka Toure, just right. The place is a quirky treasure trove of tat, little trinkets and ephemera all over the place and seems to be a local drop-in and community centre for Emo students and West Africans. The weed is weighed up in front of you and is very efficient in action. You don't need a lot of it.
Positive Review Micky W from UK. Sent 14 Feb 2008.
Found this place on a terrible rainy afternoon, when me and the missus walked in she didn't even realise we were in a coffeeshop, she thought I'd popped into a junk/antique shop for a browse until I asked to see the menu. This place has my kind of menu, at least five different types of outdoor weed inc Jamaican green and brown, Thai, African and my favorite, Purple Skunk. They had four hashes simply called Maroccan (no fancy names here) ranging from 4.50 to 8euros per gram, they also had a couple of skunks and I think Isolator but don't remember prices as wasn't interested. Purchased 3gms of the Purple, a coffee for me and coke for missus and sat at a table up a few stairs that sort of puts you in the shop window, there are only two tables, each with 3 chairs, and a few bar stools. There were a couple of old rastas sitting at the other table and another at the bar, this I always take as a good sign of a shop that sells decent outdoor. Rastas know their weed. I was not disappointed, top quality outdoor purple, lovely old school taste and after a couple of shared spliffs with the missus I was surprisingly stoned in an old school kind of way. After an hour or so someone came in to buy something from the window and we had to move briefly so that the Lady who works there could get the person what they wanted, everything in the shop is for sale and they have a huge array of items from rugs to jugs and everything in between. The old hippie lady that owns the shop is proper friendly and so was the lady that works there, on leaving I got a gram of the 7euro Marrocan to takeaway and that was lovely too, wouldn't recommend to younger generation but if you're a bit of an old hippie like me you will love the place, oh yea, top quality old school reggae as well, cant wait to go back.
Positive Review FL Pothead from USA. Sent 26 Apr 2007.
I just had to see the shop held up by tree trunks. Inside is a huge garage sale of items for sale. Really nice ladies that run the shop; when I asked about their best strains - She asked me to wait a few minutes as they were re-stocking the weed. The Highrise Haze was definitely worth the wait. I believe it was bio/organic. Flavor was rich and the high was luscious. I will definitely take the walk; it was a nice, quiet shop with an extraordinary weed and an excellent staff.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany. Sent 8 Jan 2006.
It´s a kurious coffeeshop, the dealer (or antique seller) is an old hippie, this very very small place have 10 chairs. You can buy things wo are in this "hole" standing. We taste the Bio Purple (4,50€/g.)