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Simpel Minds
coffeeshop The Hague
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Northern European Traveller from UK. Sent 9 Dec 2008.
The cannabis is obviously on the cutting edge of cultivation technology. If you can keep your cool in such neighbourhoods and they're still doing 'Hlep' (€12.00 for 1.8g) or 'Polm' (the real stuff, not like anything you might get passed off with in the UK) for the same price, you'll see! Unless someone were an old-time aficionado of the liberating plant and had been through the gauntlets required in more primitive societies - dealing with violent criminals, young street hoodlum gangs and high-volume sales drug pushers to get some (not to mention the police and other such guardians of their own gods' justice and the execution of imposed morality) - I wouldn't recommend them. They're not for the timid or naive!
Covorca from Netherlands. Sent 4 Sep 2005.
No not a place you wanna hang around in, same as de Tulip, too much of the wrong kind of people in one place. Not too friendly bar tenders either. But that doesn't matter cuz they have Klep (weed). This is the heaviest shit around! Very very strong shit and I live in Holland smoking weed on a regular basis. Don't smoke it in the shop, cuz you'll be too stoned to walk! They also sell Klep joints also very strong joints. The rest of the weeds and hashes are of good quality everything you buy in this shop will get you stoned. But again if you are around take away home, than it's a good weed provider but not a nice shop. Shop 4/10, weed 9/10.