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Sirius Smart Gallery
smartshop Roermond
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Dennis from Germany. Sent 7 Feb 2008.
I have been in this shop 1 time (7th Feb. 2008) and the woman there was very friendly. I bought 10 gramms of the Hawaii Aloha Mushrooms. The sh'rooms were great and cheap (10€).
Mexican Man from Germany. Sent 9 Jan 2008.
It's a very cool smartshop, one of the coolest I've ever been. They got many sorts of magic mushrooms (Golden Teacher 10€, Columbian 12,50€, Equadorian 15€, Mexican 15€, Philosophers Stones 10€, Hawaiian 17€ and many more). Sometimes they make you a special offer: buy 3 doses of mushrooms and only pay 2, or buy 2 boxes for only 15 euro (normally one box cost 10 euro) they also got some really nice Peyote and San Pedro cacti for a really good price. Not too expensive. They got an assortment of 10-15 bongs which are also not too expensive (15-30 €). Other things: lots of herbal xtc, next phase and other herbal products. But it's not only one of the coolest smartshops, it's also a music store which sells CDs and such things. Lets say they got everything you need for the perfect trip.
Gregor from Germany. Sent 9 Apr 2006.
I recommend the shop - nice ambience, good selection, friendly & helpful salespersons who speak English and German.