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Slow Motion
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Enrico from Germany. Sent 18 May 2009.
ID show. The Jack Haze (8,50 €/gr.) is a very good and fine haze. And the other stuff is the some quality. In this shop is the toilet and the ground very dirty.
Durv from Netherlands. Sent 30 Jul 2008.
Its a good shop they sell Jack Haze for 8,5 euro and A5 haze and 2 more kinds of weed and some hasj like pollen or zero zero. It's a chill place to smoke and relax with friends, and if ur alone you can watch the big TV. They ripped me off sometimes when there's a big line 0,90 - 0,96 gr but ok now I get 1 gr always.
Pino from Belgium. Sent 2 Oct 2007.
The "average" coffeeshop in my view: high prices and high quality, nothing special in the atmosphere, the dealers are polite and they don't rip you off (they do in other coffeeshops). It's close to the station, so if your train is late you know where to go kill some time.
STH from USA. Sent 3 Feb 2007.
Great because of its proximity to the train station. (It's about 2 blocks away) I went there while I had to kill an hour to wait for the train. It has a few booths and tables, a slightly elevated bar where you can borrow bongs, and then a few more tables in the back. The weed counter is in between the upper level and then lower level. The music was a little loud, but the bong I borrowed was glass, which you don't see very often. It was nice, and I have used it many times to keep me occupied on long train rides. 8/10
Courtjester from USA. Sent 15 Aug 2006.
We smoked the K2 (2G/E13), which was the fattest bud we found in Maastricht, and also the cheapest item on the menu. But I have to say, the place was a little creepy, always some seedy activity outside, and seemed like the place youngsters jumping off the train favored for grabbing quick stash. Our favorite smoking spot in Maastricht was actually on a bench near the main train station, within view of Slow Motion, which we never went in again because Mrs. C.J. refused.
Jan from Belgium. Sent 8 Dec 2005.
The best in this city. Have very nice weed and good prices. Nice shopping 'cause friendly sellers and when I am there I don't feel "like a stranger".
Stefan from Germany. Sent 11 Aug 2005.
In my opinion this was the best coffeeshop of our tour. The weed is very tasty and price is ok. The musik is a kind of electro/house. I had a nice stay there. They have lots of bong and shishas to borrow free. Prices for drinks are cheap. It's a bit hard to find but from the station to shop it's about 10 minutes to walk.
Jeremy from USA. Sent 15 Jul 2003.
This is the only shop I made it to while I was in Limburg. It was not easy to find at first but ended up being only a short few blocks from the train station.
Walking in makes you want to walk right back out and figure something else out as it is not the most clean place on earth. I had come up from France and really had no choice as I was spending the night out in Wittem, which is about 30km outside the city.
At first I thought the dealer was going to be an asshole, but he turned out to be actually pretty nice although a bit suspicious. I asked to see a few types of bio and he willingly obliged. After settling on a couple grams of "White Widow" and "K2" I asked to see some good stoner hash. He brought out a huge blond chunk from his pocket and it looked good. I took two grams of that and asked to borrow a bong. Within minutes I was feeling good. The place is pretty much a bust; a few community tables, some arcade games and I think maybe a pool table and that's it. Still, I'm sure it's a suitable place for the locals to hang out and enjoy the most excellent smoke. I will say the "WW" was pretty standard (which translates to great) while the "K2" was dynamite and the hash stupefied me. Wish I could remember what type I bought although I'm sure they don't have the exact same kind any longer. If you're ever just passing through and need a quick fix, check this place out.