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Reviews of Coffeeshop 137 Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Atxxim from Portugal. Sent 25 Feb 2012.
Very friendly guys, like a small neighbourhood cafe, nice environment, sad the Verdamper vaporizer got an electric problem, nice weed and hash, very close to our hotel, usually the last stop of the night before bed.
Positive Review Manuel from Italy. Sent 13 Jan 2012.
I fell in love with 137. I like all kind of grass and hash of this shop. My favourite grass is the Orange. I love the staff, they are very very good person!
Positive Review Atxxim from Portugal. Sent 22 Feb 2011.
Nice White Whidow, 1/2, nice Ice-O-Later (not too strong; nice taste). Awesome staff.
Positive Review B&E from USA. Sent 11 Oct 2008.
This place was right around the corner from us on Willemsstraat and Brouwersgracht (Jordaan) so we went here often to just pick up some herb. We stayed and smoked here once. It's kind of modern and very plain. There's a large flat panel TV on one wall and most nights when we passed by or came in, people were in there watching TV and talking. Looks like a nice place to go with a friend or two, but it's not as inviting as some of the other places.
Positive Review Philly-Rich from USA. Sent 23 Dec 2007.
It was a nice little shop. Limited selection of 4-5 kinds of hash and 4-5 kinds of weed.
Positive Review Dil from Scotland. Sent 19 Nov 2004.
I have been to this coffeeshop on many an evening as it is across the canal from the apartment we use regularly on the Browersgracht. It is very much a locals place being quite small, with rather loud decor, and having a very limited supply of product i.e. 2 polms, a black and a few weeds - one of those places where the owner/dealer keeps the polms in bags down his trousers, I suppose it's secure and the body heat makes them easy to cut up. What we like about it, except from it closeness to home, is the fact it also sells beer. There is nothing better at the end of the day than to spark up a big special polm spliff and wash it down with a cool lager - oh yes - and then a short stroll over the canal bridge up the tight staircase and flop into bed for big zzzzzzz's.